Senior Architect – Platform Interfaces

Lilium, London

The Lilium Jet All-electric. Affordable. With the Push of a Button.

A career at Lilium is for those who want to do something extraordinary, yet with a meaningful purpose. We take pride in pushing the very boundaries of technology and customer experience to deliver something that has never been done before. 

What we do here is hard, but then very few things worth achieving are easy. By joining Lilium you will have the opportunity to work with our world-class entrepreneurial team of more than 400 leaders, experts and engineers who are as passionate about emissions-free transportation as you are. 

We are also passionate about creating an inclusive culture, with more than 40 nationalities working with us to bring our vision of a sustainable world to life.


Your role and your team: 

We are looking for an exceptional systems and software architect to join our Digital Technology team where you will be responsible for the definition, architectural design and ongoing evolution of the external interfaces to our Digital Services Platform.

Lilium’s Digital Services Platform is broad in its scope of responsibility, providing all of the necessary technological solutions that will manage our air taxi service. With the customer at the very centre of our focus, we will provide journey booking, communication, personal identification and infotainment services amongst many other passenger services. Underpinning our service will be pilots, customer services and maintenance organisations - these colleagues form a key part of our user group and require, from the outset, the very best tools and systems to enable them to support the magical customer experience that will bring to market.

At the heart of any high volume, high frequency, mobility service, and particularly one that moves into the third spatial dimension, lies the highly complex challenge of managing the vehicle fleet, its efficient utilisation and associated mission planning - with consideration for commercial airspace integration as well as weather and traffic management. The regulatory environment of air transportation assures the safety of the service but of course raises the bar even further as we seek to balance customer satisfaction with commercial goals.

The complexity of the programme is large, containing dependencies within our team as well as into the aircraft engineering and production divisions, vertiport operations and external operational and regulatory stakeholders. You’ll be working alongside likeminded colleagues to make a significant contribution to the launch of a revolution.


Your Day to Day:

  • Participating in the development of our Digital Services Platform strategy, in collaboration with colleagues from aircraft engineering and production, vertiport infrastructure, maintenance, air taxi services and of course colleagues in our own team
  • Leading the design of the Digital Platform Interface architecture that will support operationally critical integrations with external stakeholders such as air traffic control, air traffic management, cross-border transit, aeronautical weather data, electronic flight bag, commercial partners and most importantly the aircraft itself
  • Creating the architecture roadmap for the Platform Interfaces, not only in terms of business evolution but also with regard to implementation solution
  • Advising and support the engineering teams implementing and operating the defined design


Your Profile:

  • A clear strategic thinker, able to process and understand a variety of complex engineering problems and apply strong analytical skills and commercial acumen to designing software solutions
  • Business value and outcome driven, with a positive, “can do” attitude and a willingness to roll their sleeves up to get things done
  • Intimately familiar with the most up to date architecture trends but a firm believer that the most appropriate solutions are those that deliver on well understood business needs
  • Passionate about “constantly getting better” - with the drive to create an appetite for continuous improvement across the organisation
  • Able to demonstrate experience of working in mixed methodology environments where agile practices need to combine effectively with waterfall delivery
  • Motivated by very fast paced environments, where a high degree of autonomy and personal responsibility are demanded in order to create success
  • Able to demonstrate experience of working in or integrating with systems that follow some form of regulatory compliance, or adhere to certification standard
  • Highly developed leadership skills that are founded on an open, collaborative and consultative working style
  • Technology agnostic but passionate and hyper-curious about its many branches and latest trends
  • Extensive experience in software and systems design of large scale, highly available, operationally and safety critical, ultra-secure and scalable
  • Experience of designing production architectures that integrate with and rely on multiple, external service networks or information sources
  • Experience of designing systems to reliably transmit very large data volumes over unreliable networks and store these for subsequent analysis.
  • Strong understanding or experience with big data stream processing and the latest applicable technologies.
  • Detailed and proven experience in architecting systems for graceful degradation and designing evolutionary interface definitions and service assurance policies.
  • Experience in the successful design of evolutionary service-oriented and microservices architectures that support rapidly evolving business needs and are capable of implementing efficient data driven product and service improvements


Life at Lilium:

At Lilium, you’ll have the responsibility and freedom to act as an entrepreneur. You’ll be working with bright and driven colleagues from different industries, countries and backgrounds who are all united in one common goal, challenging and supporting each other to make Lilium successful.

As well as free language courses, weekly yoga sessions, two complimentary meals each day and unlimited snacks and drinks, we also have an in-house gym and a relaxation room. By pairing that with a free shuttle bus to and from our local train station, as well as bikes you can borrow to cycle around our campus, we aim to make it as easy as possible to travel here, while reducing our own carbon footprint. We also have a rooftop terrace where you can watch planes taking off all day long! 



In order to build a world-class team, we welcome people from all over the world. We’ll support you on every step of your journey, offering a relocation allowance and documentation for visa application.

Lilium is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from all qualified individuals regardless of ethnicity, sex, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation or age.  

About Lilium

About us Lilium is a disruptive aviation start-up based in Munich. Co-founded in 2015 by Daniel Wiegand, Sebastian Born, Patrick Nathen and Matthias Meiner, the team brings together international world-class engineers and designers. The group shares the vision of a completely new type of individual transportation and is dedicated to develop and build the world’s first fully electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) jet. An estimated range of up to 300 km and a top speed of 300 km/h, along with zero emissions make it the most efficient and eco-friendly individual means of transportation of our time. By providing ultra-redundancy, the Lilium Jet will also set new standards in safety. Lilium aims at liberating towns and cities from today’s congestion and pollution, with people able to come and go freely, vastly expanding the radius of their everyday lives.

Want to learn more about Lilium? Visit Lilium's website.