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LimeBike was founded on a simple premise: How do we ensure that future generations will not only be able to live on a healthy planet, but actually thrive? LimeBike aims to provide a sustainable solution to the first and last mile transportation problem by helping people move around their cities in an affordable and convenient way while eliminating their carbon footprint. We are here to empower future generations to change their behavior so we can save this planet together.

With that vision, we launched LimeBike in June 2017.

LimeBike is not just a tech mobility company. We are a people and relationships company first and foremost. And we’re committed to building with you.

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Current Job Openings at LimeBike

Corporate Development

Corporate Development Manager

San Francisco Bay Area

Customer Support


Senior Data Analyst

San Francisco Bay Area


Senior Product Designer

San Francisco Bay Area

Senior UX Researcher

San Francisco Bay Area


Software Engineer, Android

San Francisco Bay Area

Software Engineer, Back End

San Francisco Bay Area

Software Engineer, Full-Stack

San Francisco Bay Area

Software Engineer, Data

San Francisco Bay Area

Software Engineer, iOS

San Francisco Bay Area

Security Engineer

San Francisco Bay Area


Safety Officer

San Francisco Bay Area

Local Operations

Executive Assistant

San Francisco Bay Area

Warehouse Manager

Paris, France

Operations Manager - Basel

Basel, Switzerland

Operations Manager - Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

General Manager UAE

Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Global Creative Director

San Francisco, CA


Senior Product Manager

San Francisco Bay Area

Director of Research

San Francisco, CA


Corporate Recruiter

San Francisco, CA

Technical Sourcer

San Francisco, CA