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We are entering a post-trust world, where consumers look to other consumers to inform their purchasing decisions. In this C2C environment, marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to reach their target markets with a relevant message, in a way that establishes trust, and drives measurable results at scale. At Linqia, our mission is to create harmony between people and brands by bringing trust and relevance to advertising. We strive to solve this challenge by becoming the high-performing content engine that delivers the best return on ad spend across all digital media for our clients. Our DNA is delivering ROI for our customers, extending the value of influencer content far beyond the initial organic reach of our influencers. Our brand customers can repurpose the influencer content generated from their programs to drive greater performance across all of their digital channels, including paid/organic social, e-mail marketing, landing pages, websites and programmatic display. And with our AI-driven platform, we continue to improve, learning and evolving faster than other providers.

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