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How It All Began October 5, 2017 Today, Magic Leap is a company made up of hundreds of artists, engineers, explorers, and dreamers from around the globe, all chasing their curiosity toward the same goal – bringing together the digital and real worlds to advance human potential. But it all began on a road trip to Austin when we asked the question – “what if computing could spill outside the computer?”

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Accounting - Contract


Executive Assistant

Plantation, FL

Application Frameworks - Contract

Audio Software Engineering

Brand Experience Office

Director, Production

Plantation, FL; Culver City, CA; Sunnyvale, CA

Cloud Design

Cloud Design - Contract

Cloud Platform Engineering

Cloud Product & Program Management

Cloud Product & Program Management - Contract

Computer Vision

Computer Vision Engineer/Researcher

Zurich, Switzerland; Lausanne, Switzerland

Calibration Technician

Plantation, FL or Sunnyvale, CA

Developer Relations

Account Manager, Developer & Creator Relations

San Francisco, CA; Culver City,CA; Sunnyvale,CA; Seattle, WA; or Austin,TX

Learning Resource Engineer

Plantation, FL, Culver City, CA, Seattle, WA

Senior Developer Technology Engineer

Multiple Offices (CA) and Seattle Wa.

Digital Marketing

Electrical Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering - Contract

Enterprise Integration Office

Enterprise Integration Office - Contractor


General Administration

Human Resources

Human Resources - Contract

Information Technology - Contract

ML Studios - Contract

Network Programmer - Contractor

Wellington, New Zealand

Manufacturing Information Systems - Contract

Manufacturing Operations & Supply Chain

Manufacturing Operations - Contract

Manufacturing Test Systems


Product Evangelist

Plantation, FL

Marketing - Contract

New Product Introduction

Optical Test Metrology

Perception CV


Product Design

Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering - Contract

Regulatory and Compliance

Robotics and Automation

Sensors - Contract

Software Engineering

Software Security

Security Architect

Tel Aviv, Israel

Software Security - Contract


Audio Test Engineer

Plantation, FL

Systems Software Engineering

User Interaction

Interaction Engineer

San Francisco, CA