Senior Systems Engineer, Analysis and Prototyping

Magic Leap, Inc., Plantation, FL

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Job Description:

Mixed reality devices need to sense and understand the users and the world around them with tremendous precision and speed. A wide variety of sensors, visual, 3D, inertial, magnetic and other components will be at your disposal.  You will use your Ninja skill to analyze existing pipeline of product functions and conduct experiments via prototyping to help help improve and design the best sensing systems for our products. This is a critical role that provides the underpinnings for core product features, and greatly impacts our product design and performance.


  • Perform analysis of existing pipeline of product functions
  • Prototype algorithms & systems to help with novel sensor choices and configurations.
  • Add code to embedded code stack to calculate (debug) metrics to characterize the system performance
  • Derive overall design and engineering requirements for product from prototype systems.
  • Mature prototype algorithms & systems to product worthy features.
  • Participate in strategic discussions around sensor architecture & calibration, and prototype algorithms and systems.


  • Strong experience with integrating software and hardware systems including optics
  • Experience of building product quality software
  • Proven fluency in C/C++ and embedded programming
  • Capable during the entire development cycle: problem definition, research stages, algorithm design, implementation, and productization.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communications skills.
  • Experience with control systems a plus.


  • Relevant B.S degree (CS, EE, Physics, ME) + 5 years’ experience. M.S. or Ph.D is a plus.

Additional Information:

  • All your information will be kept confidential according to Equal Employment Opportunities guidelines.



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How It All Began October 5, 2017 Today, Magic Leap is a company made up of hundreds of artists, engineers, explorers, and dreamers from around the globe, all chasing their curiosity toward the same goal – bringing together the digital and real worlds to advance human potential. But it all began on a road trip to Austin when we asked the question – “what if computing could spill outside the computer?”

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