Data Governance Analyst

Magic Leap, Inc., Plantation, FL

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Job Description:

As a Data Governance Analyst for Magic Leap’s Lifestream team you will have responsibility for the execution and support for data governance activities for our data stewardship program.

 Key Responsibilities

  • Serve as the primary liaison between the data organization, technical teams and business end-users in relation to data governance and management
  • Principal driver in operationalizing data governance to the enterprise, specifically in relation to:
    • Data Stewardship
    • Metadata Management
    • Privacy and Security
    • Role Management
    • Identity Access Management
  • Support the integration of governance oversight into application and infrastructure management, especially within the sphere of data storage and utilization
  • Drive a culture throughout the business where data is regarded as an asset and leveraged for its fullest value to the enterprise

You will be responsible for:

  • Authoring governance policies in regards to:
    • Data Stewardship
    • Metadata Management
    • Data access rights
    • Data standards, formats, and guidelines
  • Operationalizing Privacy and Security policies for ‘data at rest’ and  ‘data in motion’, including but not limited to:
    • Encryption
    • Psuedonymization & anonymization
    • Regulatory compliance (GDPR, HIPAA, trade compliance, etc.)
  • Analyzing the impact of proposed solutions holistically, develop use cases to explain/demonstrate business requirements/specifications to technical teams, and contribute a business or process perspective during design reviews
  • Represent the data governance and management teams as part of various project implementations
  • Support  the implementation of a comprehensive data service offering to the enterprise
  • Liaison and support data capabilities and implementations outside of the governance team including data management, data infrastructure, business intelligence, data science, etc.

Basic Qualifications:

  • 3+ years of business, IT, or analytical work experience
  • Must have excellent communication, interpersonal, and analytical skills
  • Must have an excellent ability to multi-task effectively working on several projects synchronously
  • Strong hands-on knowledge of various ERP business applications, business processes, and system processes 
  • Strong experience in data governance, analytics, and data management (especially metadata management)
  • Strong analytical skills and writing skills, to include solid experience in writing policy documentation, functional specifications, etc.

Additional Information

  • All your information will be kept confidential according to Equal Employment Opportunities guidelines.



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