HW Prototype maker (Data Collection)

Magic Leap, Inc., Tel Aviv, Israel

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The Data Collection team is a multidisciplinary team responsible for the development, integration and operation of 3D ground truth systems. You will work with cutting-edge real-time HW components including motion capture systems, cameras, depth sensors, IMU and robotics. You will help build and operate a ground truth lab, make rapid prototypes and customized setups which include electronics, mechanics, and scripts for the purpose of collecting imaging and 3D data in a lab environment and in the field. You will work with multiple products of the company in different stages of development, and with various R&D teams.


  • Support building and operating the lab - ensure we have the right tools and equipment to support the lab’s needs and rapid prototyping capabilities.   
  • Constantly improve the workflow by rapid prototyping, developing and implementing customized HW, SW and mechanical solutions
  • Support integration of new systems and lab equipment.
  • Operate lab equipment and perform experiments in the lab and in the field.


  • Lab experience including running experiments and operating electronics and/or electro-optics lab equipment.
  • A Maker - DIY enthusiast with hands on experience in projects involving electronics, embedded SW and mechanics. Former experience with Arduino / Raspberry pi etc. is an advantage.
  • Scripting skills (Python / Matlab / C++ / other).
  • Former experience in any of the following is an advantage: 3D printing, board design, embedded SW.
  • Excellent problem solver with the ability to run tasks end to end with minimum supervision.
  • Self motivated, reliable, organized and independent.


  • BSc EE\ME\CS student with relevant experience, or experienced practical engineer

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