Principal Engineer, R&D Optical Algorithm Calibration & Verification

Magic Leap, Inc., Plantation, FL

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Job Description

Principal Engineer, R&D Optical Algorithm Calibration & Verification, is a technically sound leader who will work either as a leader of or as Independent contributor with (depending on people management experience) a team of engineers that is responsible for designing, implementing and verifying calibration, system performance verification and computer vision camera algorithms/processes for a variety of hardware platforms composed of advanced display components and multiple sensors (cameras, IMUs etc ).  The role will report into the Calibration Organization within Optical Engineering department.


  • Lead a team of engineers to develop core calibration algorithms for advanced optical systems, primarily in Matlab/C++.
  • Plan and conduct experiments to validate the novel calibration processes. 
  • Research on on-line calibration schemes to handle environmental perturbations like ambient temperature drift, mechanical shock, etc. 
  • Evaluate, analyze and optimize system end to end performance related to display and perception.
  • Build tools and infrastructure for efficiency improvement and support both software and hardware product advancements.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to optimize the calibration and system verification processes for factory production.


  • Experience with Zemax, OpenCV or Matlab calibration toolbox. 
  • Familiar with typical camera/sensor calibration flow: intrinsics, extrinsics, image acquisition, processing, 3D projection, model fitting, etc.
  • Have basic knowledge of geometry and diffractive optics, understands polarization control. 
  • Knowledge of 6 Sigma statistical tools, which help to identify and solve issues
  • Good communication, interpersonal skills and teamwork discipline are also required.
  • 8 year+ experience
  • 2+ years of people management experience


  • Ph.D. in Optics, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science or related technical field.

Additional Information

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