Senior, Deep Learning Researcher/Engineer in Computer Vision

Magic Leap, Inc., Zurich, Switzerland

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Do you want to play a key role in developing software that could change the way people interact with technology? Are you a self-starter who likes to take initiative and see your vision become reality?

The Computer Vision team is looking for an experienced Deep Learning engineer with exceptional technical skills acting as a team player that is passionate about shaping the future of computing.
The Senior Deep Learning Software Engineer should be someone who can prototype quickly, but is also able to apply her/his fundamental Computer Vision and Deep Learning understanding to create clarity from ambiguity.


  • Guide the way with deep learning approaches in a team of computer vision engineers / researchers in various world perception topics such as SLAM, 3D reconstruction, semantic segmentation, object tracking
  • Implement, and evaluate deep neural networks that can replace or work together with traditional computer vision algorithms. Show that more with less sensors and compute is possible.
  • Act as a subject matter expert within the team
  • Write elegant, maintainable, reusable code, leveraging data and test driven principles to develop core functionality throughout the full development cycle from the applied research phase until productization


  • 3+ years of experience in research and development of deep neural networks. Significant publications in the field are a plus
  • Experience in deploying deep nets in real-time systems will set you apart.
  • Hands on experience working with deep networks for geometric computer vision problems using unsupervised and self-supervised approaches
  • Experience in at least one of the following topics or related: Visual SLAM, Visual Inertial Odometry / Sensor Fusion, 3D reconstruction, Structure from Motion (SfM), object tracking
  • 5+ years coding & debugging of C++ (and C) and Python. Experience working in large code bases.
  • Run-time optimization of deep networks is a plus
  • Experience with VR, AR, MR technologies is a plus


  • MSc or PhD in Computer Science / Computer Vision / Robotics or related is preferred

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