Office & Facilities Manager, China

Mapbox, Shanghai

Build experiences for exploring the world

Maps are no longer static.  Our maps represent the ever-evolving world, accessing, aggregating, and adapting anonymous data from millions of sensors and phones in real-time.  Mapbox has the exciting opportunity to power devices and products across the next frontier in location-based data, such as Internet of Things and AR/VR.

Whether you’re flying your DJI drone, booking a hotel on Booking.com or Alitrip, sending your snaps on Snapchat, navigating through city streets in your Tesla, or checking today’s forecast on your Moji app, Mapbox is the location and maps within those apps. We’re changing how people move around by live-mapping the world. With over 1 million developers using our tools, Mapbox is the developer platform for location.

Mapbox has recently raised $164 million Series C funding round led by the SoftBank Vision Fund, with participation from existing investors including Foundry Group, DFJ Growth, DBL Partners, and Thrive Capital.

What You’ll Do

To keep up with our growth, we’re looking for a smart and passionate Office & Facilities Manager for our growing China offices to help in building, managing and scaling business expansion projects. This is a dynamic role with many opportunities to support our growing business internally and externally.

  • Office Operations: General upkeep of the facilities and building systems in our office; assist with maintaining office floor plan, seating and headcount charts; coordinate approved moves; ensure that conference rooms, print areas, kitchen and all common spaces are tidy, in working order and are well stocked; liaise with building management and outside vendors on minor issues/projects; coordinate with sprinters to satisfy temporary seating needs
  • Travel: Coordinate employee travel arrangements (flights, ground transportation, lodging, etc.) in conjunction with travel provider; advise employees about their travel arrangements; ensure that approved travel complies with company policies
  • Internal Events: Comprehensively manage all details on internal events, including conceptualizing, designing, planning, and executing; liaise with other departments and external vendors for events-related security, information technology (IT) and audio-visual (AV) needs
  • External Events: Assist in the planning and execution of several major off-site events per year; establish a framework and resource list for external events and meetings, and serve as peripheral support for departments/teams conducting events or meetings off-site
  • Packages: Serve as primary contact for all deliveries coming into the building; manage shipping and receiving for business mail, notifying recipients as required
  • Purchasing: Review and process purchase requests in compliance with Mapbox’s purchasing policy

What We Believe are Important Traits for This Role

  • Attention to detail
  • Great communication skills; ability to be clear, concise, actionable
  • Empathy in this role supporting the team
  • Excellent organizational skills and the ability to move fast and juggle competing priorities
  • The desire to learn something new every day
  • BS/BA degree preferred
  • 8+ years of administrative/office/event management experience, ideally in a high-growth environment
  • Strong command of English and Mandarin
  • Experience with setting up new office and event planning is a plus
  • Knowledge of finance is preferred

What We Value

  • We value high performing creative individuals who dig into problems and opportunities.
  • We believe in individuals being their whole selves at work.  We commit to this through supportive health care, parental leave, flexibility for the things that come up in life, and innovating on how we think about supporting our people.
  • We emphasize an environment of teaching and learning to equip employees with the tools needed to be successful in their function and the company.
  • We strongly believe in the value of growing a diverse team and encourage people of all backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, abilities, and sexual orientations to apply.

About Mapbox

Mapbox is the location data platform for mobile and web applications. We provide building blocks to add location features like maps, search, and navigation into any experience you create. We’re changing the way people move around cities and explore our world. Through the apps Mapbox powers, we reach more than 300 million people each month. Location is built into the fabric of our daily experiences. Whether you’re exploring a city with Lonely Planet, sharing with friends on Snapchat, seeing if it’s going to rain on Weather.com, tracking breaking news on Bloomberg, or checking your ETA in Lyft — location is essential to every one of these applications, and they’re powered by Mapbox. We craft beautiful maps and developer-friendly location data, APIs, and SDKs so that you’re free to focus on designing, building, and developing your application. Our open-source tools let analytics companies understand big geo data, drone companies publish flyovers, real estate sites visualize properties, satellite companies process cloud-free imagery, and insurance companies track assets. Mapbox proudly embraces our open-source roots. We work in the open and release as much code as possible. We believe it’s the right thing for people, technology, and business.


Want to learn more about Mapbox? Visit Mapbox's website.