Senior-Lead Machine Learning Engineer (Perception)

Marble Robot, San Francisco

Your friendly neighborhood robot

What you'll be doing

Marble is focusing on getting autonomy solutions out into the world quickly, solving real problems and improving efficiency and safety. Marble is developing an autonomy sensing and software package that can function in a variety of environments, on different vehicles, for different use cases---from last-mile delivery robots that navigate through busy, complex urban environments, to machines that operate on dusty, unstructured construction sites or mines.

We’re looking to hire engineers who can help our system sense further, go faster, and drive over rougher terrain. As a perception engineer, you’ll develop algorithms that enable autonomous systems to understand and navigate safely. That includes detecting, tracking, and predicting the motion of pedestrians and vehicles, as well as characterizing obstacles and terrain. We’re looking for a primarily hands-on engineer, who’s capable of taking real-world problems, turning them into well-defined ML problems, surveying and selecting the right approach, developing quick prototypes, and bringing them to production. You will own your projects end-to-end, and have the opportunity to lead and grow a team.


  • Industry experience implementing machine learning and/or deep learning for detection, tracking, segmentation, depth estimation and/or completion, behavior prediction.
  • Strong coding skills in C++/Python, Tensorflow, strong engineering practices, debugging/profiling skills
  • Knowledge breadth in the academic literature of machine learning based perception algorithms, and ability to convert research papers into production implementation.
  • Experience with resource-constrained online algorithms.
  • Experience working with GPUs, particularly on embedded hardware

Bonus Points

  • MS or a higher degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Knowledge of robotics and frameworks such as ROS
  • Experience with a variety of sensor data including LIDAR, cameras, and IMUs, radar

About Marble Robot

Marble is re-imagining urban logistics We are creating a fleet of intelligent courier robots to reliably and securely transport the goods that people need and want in a way that is accessible to everyone. Marble’s robot is perfectly suited to transport the essentials including groceries, meals, and medicine. How we do it Marble’s robots are built to perform Our robots use a hybrid-autonomy system with people at the core of their operations. They use advanced sensors and high-resolution 3D city maps to efficiently and politely navigate busy urban environments. Our robots have swappable cargo bays to transport various types

Marble Robot

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