Electrical & Electronic Engineering Technician

Markforged, Watertown, MA


We are creating a new class of manufacturing technology. By merging the strength of machined parts with the flexibility of 3D printing we are eliminating bottlenecks in engineering and manufacturing. Our fleet of in-house printers allows our team to iterate on their CAD designs in hours rather than days. Join us and help bring this revolutionary technology to engineers everywhere.
Assemble, test, and maintain electrical & electronic systems according to engineering instructions, technical manuals, and basic knowledge of electronics.
Identify solutions to technical design problems that arise during the construction of electrical systems
Inspect designs for quality control, report findings, and make recommendations.
Draw diagrams and write specifications to clarify design details of experimental electronics units.
Build, calibrate, maintain, troubleshoot, or repair electrical instruments or testing equipment.
Identify and resolve equipment malfunctions and work with manufacturers to get replacement parts.
Modify electrical prototypes, parts, and assemblies to correct problems.
Set up test equipment and evaluate the performance of developmental parts, assemblies, or systems and then analyze test information to resolve design-related problems.
Write reports and record data on testing techniques, laboratory equipment, and specifications.
Want to contribute to a culture of excellence.
Are self-motivated and able to manage their time effectively.
Are able to read blueprints, schematic drawings, and engineering instructions for assembling and testing electronic units.
Learn new technologies quickly.
Have 5 years or more of relevant industry experience.

About Markforged

Markforged is liberating designers and engineers from the long lead times and high costs of traditional manufacturing. Instead of waiting weeks and paying thousands of dollars for a part, with Markforged you can 3D print incredibly high-performance parts on-premise and in under 24 hrs. Print carbon fiber for parts that are as strong as aluminum and dramatically lighter. For heat tolerance, print with 17-4 Stainless Steel. For anything else, print with Titanium, Aluminum, Kevlar, or one of our 11 other materials to fit any functional application. Welcome to the future.

Want to learn more about Markforged? Visit https://markforged.com/