Sales Executive, Atlanta

MemberClicks, Atlanta



In this position, the candidate will field both inbound sales inquiries and proactively call warm leads generated by the company. The right candidate should be able to demonstrate a strong team orientation, while being able to diligently work independently. Moreover, the candidate should have a strong capability to build relationships quickly, embrace the phone, and be highly organized. On top of these characteristics the right person will be heavily relied upon to communicate sales needs, help develop strategic marketing initiatives, and be comfortable with providing ongoing feedback. This position is an excellent chance for an up-and-coming sales professional to learn from our team's extensive experience.

How would you know if you're a fit for this job? 

First, you must have the required skills and training to fill the role: 

  • Four-year college degree
  • 3-5 years sales experience
  • High comfort level with technology
  • Experience demoing a SaaS solution 
  • A strong customer orientation
  • A think-outside-the-box mentality
  • Highly organized
  • Self-starter

Second, we hope that you will have the talents required to be successful and enjoy the position at MemberClicks. Can you answer affirmatively to these questions?

  • Are you a relationship-oriented person that finds it easy to meet new people?
  • Are you known to be a fast worker and a quick learner?
  • Do you like the challenge of meeting goals every month?
  • Do you thrive in a dynamic work environment?

Finally, we hope that you value working in a casual and fun, yet professional environment, and the opportunity to have a role in providing a refreshing experience to our client base. If your idea of an ideal work environment includes starched shirts, cubicles and red tape, then this job probably isn't for you!

Benefits include competitive health benefits, 401(k) with employer contributions, paid gym membership, weekly catered lunch, and a flat out great environment to work.

About MemberClicks

About MemberClicks MemberClicks has been reinventing the membership software experience for small-staff organizations since 1998. We now serve more than 1,700 organizations throughout North America. Our team comes together every day in a passionate pursuit of the most refreshing technology experience possible. If you think we're solely devoted to offering the best membership software possible, then you're only partially right. We spend just as much time brainstorming about and designing every facet of your experience with us. A sales experience that'll leave you on a first-name basis with your solution advisor. An implementation that will amaze you as we tailor our solutions to your needs. A support team that is both accessible and proactive in finding out how to best serve you. And that's just the start. See for yourself - if you're in Atlanta, stop by our office sometime and have lunch with us. We'll be glad to show you around. WE ARE THE EXPERTS ON SMALL STAFFS Back in 1998, we noticed that while there were software providers focused on huge associations with deep pockets, no one was serving the smaller organizations, the thousands of groups across America that were run by small staffs. We built our company specifically to serve them. We were the first company devoted to serving small staffs. You may find other companies vying for small-staffs' business, but you won't find another company more devoted to meeting their needs.

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