Scientist II, Stem Cell Biologist

Memphis Meats, Berkeley, CA

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About us

At the forefront of farming and food, Memphis Meats is innovating new ways to produce real meat, without the need to breed, feed and slaughter animals. Our process begins with an animal cell, which is cultivated and harvested as meat. Memphis Meats is a mission-driven company focused on bringing to meat lovers an authentic product that is truly humane, sustainably produced, nutritious and delicious! We are now expanding our team of dedicated professionals across disciplines to make better meat for a better world.

About this job

We are seeking an innovative, productive and highly independent Stem Cell Biologist to join our Cell Line Development group at the Scientist II level. This individual will be responsible for investigating how to utilize stem cells to generate cell types that meet the requirements of our cell based meat (CBM) process. This position will involve: somatic/stem cell isolation, iPSC derivation, differentiation method development, high-throughput screening and genome editing. You will be expected to design, troubleshoot, and execute experiments independently while employing critical thinking and organizational skills. Furthermore, he or she will be expected to objectively communicate (written & verbal) their work to the team.

This laboratory-based position with opportunities for collaboration across various R&D groups. Due to the dynamic and collaborative environment of our organization, this role will require someone who can not only work individually, but also as part of a team. Lastly, and most importantly, our ideal teammate will bring a sense of creativity, enthusiasm, and integrity to this position and our organization.

Duties Include

  • Derivation of ESC/iPSC lines from novel species
  • Optimization of culture conditions to maintain pluripotency
  • Develop robust, scalable, directed-differentiation processes
  • Generation of stable cell lines
  • Contribute creatively and strategically to scientific discussions
  • Design assays and experimental approaches
  • Characterization of cell phenotypes
  • Managing timelines and expectations
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, capable of conveying technical information clearly and thoroughly
  • Identify and implement innovative approaches to breakthrough technical hurdles
  • Support the development of junior team members

About You

  • PhD in developmental/stem cell biology, biomedical sciences, biological sciences or related fields with 2+ years industry experience
  • Expert in ESC/iPSC culture as well as differentiation techniques
  • Experienced with induced pluripotency stem cell (iPSC) generation
  • Well versed in signalling pathway modulation of fate decisions
  • Clear understanding of epigenetics and its impact on maintenance/differentiation
  • Experienced with: RT-PCR, immunofluorescence, FACS/Flow Cytometry, cloning, NGS, genome editing
  • Thoughtful and effective experimentalist
  • Driven by accuracy rather than being correct
Memphis Meats is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

About Memphis Meats

We love meat. It is core to so many of our cultures and traditions. Global demand for meat is projected to double in the coming decades, so we're working to bring meat to the plate in a sustainable, healthy way that is good for people, animals and the planet. That's why we started Memphis Meats. We are developing a way to produce real meat directly from animal cells, using far less land, water, and energy than conventional meat production. We have produced beef, chicken and duck, and we are cooking up a number of other delicious products. Our goal: Better Meat, Better World.

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