Machine Learning Engineer

Mendix, Rotterdam

We help enterprises achieve their digital goals

Duration: Full-Time

Mendix is on a mission to enable anyone in any organization – from the marketing coordinator to the software developer to the CEO – to create things that are transformational for their company.  We are fundamentally reinventing the way applications are created and we’re reinventing the future of software development.  Sounds ambitious, right?  We agree.

Not to brag, but nearly 4,000 organizations worldwide, including KLM, Medtronic, Merck, and Philips, rely on Mendix to build web and mobile applications.  Thousands of our customers use our platform to delight their clients and empower their employees. It’s no surprise that we’re a recognized Leader by Gartner and Forrester in a red-hot market expected to exceed $21 billion by 2022.  Ok, maybe we did want to brag a little.  But we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished…and…we’re humble enough to admit that we need you to make us even more effective.

Mendix enables this mission by building visual, model-based IDEs to create mobile & web apps. We have a web-based no-code IDE, so-called Studio, to empower Citizen Developers to build a concept of an app; and collaborate in the application development with professional developers, regardless of the their programming experience. And we have a a desktop low-code IDE, Studio Pro, for professional developers to build and customize an advanced app with possibility to use CSS, Java, and JavaScript if needed. In addition, our platform supports cloud deployment, feedback & collaboration and reusable components via our app store. As a result, Mendix is the fastest and easiest way to create and continuously improve mobile and web apps at scale. More than 40,000 developers from 4,000 organizations around the world rely on Mendix, so each commit has the potential to impact not just them but millions of end users.

We are looking for a Machine Learning Engineer with experience in Deep Learning to join MxAssist group. In this role, you will work in intersection of the two cutting edge areas: AI&ML and low code. MxAssist group is building cutting edge AI and ML capabilities that change the future of software development. The team is responsible for researching, innovating, building and maintaining AI and ML features to integrate with Mendix Platform to empower the developers to develop apps smartly(AI-Assisted Development) and develop smart apps(AI-as-a-Service.) Our recent AI features have been frequently cited by Gartner and Forrester as evidence of the emerging field of AI-Assisted Software Development. As a part of the team, you will be responsible for researching, experimenting, designing, building, and productionising cutting edge machine learning models.

Required Qualifications

  • MS degree in Computer Science or similar fields. Or demonstrable working experience in software/data engineering
  • 5+ years of industry experience in software engineering and 2+ years in machine learning
  • Decent knowledge in all data science aspects: working with large data sets, machine learning, statistics, experimentation, data visualization, optimization, software development
  • Proven software engineering skills in two or more programming languages, like Python, Scala, Java or C#
  • Hands-on experience in designing, building, improving and operating high-performance, highly-available and scalable distributed systems for machine learning applications
  • Experience with cloud development and technologies such as AWS or Azure
  • Strong user focus and passion for doing the right thing for the users
  • Strong team player, communicative, and open to others’ ideas 

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with Keras, TensorFlow/MXnet
  • Experience with Spark, Hadoop, Pig or other MapReduce-based architectures
  • Experience with service oriented architecture(SOA)

Experience a Start-up, Innovation, and Autonomy Culture!

  • In Mendix, we are focused on results – not“processes” and“rules”.
  • Mendix teams are organized as small start-ups within Mendix with full autonomy to ideate, test, build and release new features with as little as dependency on other teams.
  • Each Mendix employee can spend 10% of each month(2 days) on so-called crafting days where they are free to explore side projects, try cool new technologies, or read a book and share their experiences with the rest of the organization.
  • There is an individual budget for training or visiting conferences that you find interesting.
  • We have an international environment with people with different backgrounds, languages, and values. In Mendix, everyone is appreciated for their skills and ideas.
  • We have a relaxed environment with one of the coolest office in the Netherlands with a great view to the Erasmusbrug.
Experience a culture like no other at Mendix

We’re working on a platform and more than 50.000 Mendix developers(end users) across the globe all rely on our work. Each commit can have significant impact on their work.
Monthly crafting days allow us to explore side projects or try out cool new technologies and share our experiences with the rest of the organization. To help us do this, we’ve got a fixed individual budget for training purposes or to visit conferences
Everyone is appreciated for their skills and ideas, regardless of their mother tongue, choice of keyboard, science fiction series of choice, or other crazy hobbies
Relaxed environment with the coolest office in the Netherlands, and great view of the Erasmusbrug.

Our Guiding Principles

While we live on different continents, speak different languages, and work on different things, we are bound by our “MendixBlue” guiding principles.  Being “MendixBlue” means that you live the culture, and you consistently improve it as we grow.  It’s kind of a big deal.

We put the customer first.  Without our customers, we have no business.  So, if you act in the best interest of our customers, always…you belong here.

We think big. We work to have a meaningful, lasting impact on the world.  So, if you aim high and think long term…you belong here.

We innovate.  We want to be what happens next.  So, if you ask “what if?” and work to find a way or make one…you belong here. 

We nurture talent.  We look, not just at the sum of what an individual has done, but at the potential of who they can be.  So, if you’re up for learning from your failures…you belong here.

We hear every voice.  Inflated egos don’t last here, humility does.  So, if you share credit and ensure that the best ideas win – regardless of who they come from…you belong here.

We own it.  If something needs doing, we do it. So, if you focus on the outcome, and take initiative to get it done…you belong here.

We have fun.  We use laughter as a common language.  We can ask for help and we’re happy to give it.  So, if you find joy and purpose in what you do…you belong here.

Make your career at Mendix.

There are precious few jobs that let you create the future. But you’ll find one at Mendix. We are at a pivotal time in our company’s existence: where rapid growth meets stable funding.  This is the time for industrious people to raise their hands to solve the next generation of problems. Mendix is a place where ambitious people can thrive; where you can identify an issue, propose a solution, and build the structure to make it happen.

Important to know: Mendix is a Siemens business, which means we’re backed by the resources and stability of one of the world’s largest and most forward-looking enterprises. Think: job security.

Since our company was founded in 2005, our aim has been to create a great work environment for people at all stages in their careers. That’s why we are so pleased and honored that we were rated a top Cloud Computing Company to work for in 2019, based on feedback from our employees on Glassdoor. With offices in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, and the US, (and more coming), we provide an international playground to truly impact the world through low-code.

About Mendix

About us We are creating an application platform that empowers people to build and continuously improve apps at unprecedented speed and scale. Who we are We’ve been in your shoes We know firsthand how hard it can be to quickly build software your users love, while maintaining the control you need. Having worked with hundreds of enterprise customers, we also understand how difficult it is to successfully execute a digital strategy. Our mission Our founders created Mendix to solve the biggest challenge in digital innovation: to empower IT and Business teams to collaborate like never before, while experiencing unmatched speed and control. These principles are architected into the very core of our platform, and they drive our relentless focus on your success. We are here to help We love helping you build breakthrough digital experiences, rejecting the conventional approach of merely doing the same things faster. We seek a long-term partnership with your team so we can help you deliver transformative value through applications. Our conviction—and your success—is powered by a diverse team of passionate and exceptional talent.

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