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Mendix, Rotterdam

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Duration: Full-Time

Mendix is a low-code app development platform:

First, what is low-code? Low-code is a visual approach to software development that enables you to abstract and automate every step of the application lifecycle. Gartner predicts that “by 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.” Mendix is repeatedly ranked a Leader in analyst reports from Gartner and Forrester. In the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Multiexperience Development Platforms, Mendix placed at the very top of the Leaders quadrant. 
Mendix, the global leader in enterprise low-code, was created to promote collaboration between Business & IT teams. Thousands of forward-thinking companies around the world like Ford Auto, Rabobank Netherlands, Zurich Insurance, and Red Bull, can unleash their best ideas faster with the help of the Mendix Platform. 
Mendix is a Siemens Business:
Siemens is a Top 10 Global Software Company and a leader on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in the World! With the acquisition of Mendix in 2018, Siemens Digital Industries Software is driving transformation to enhance the digital enterprise where engineering, manufacturing and electronics meet the future of innovation. Mendix employees have the opportunity to work in a hyper-growth environment with the support of Siemens’ unbeatable market position and resources. 

The Position: Service Designer
Are you excited by the idea of connecting the dots, speaking the language of diverse stakeholders to bring a holistic view to products and services? Are you comfortable talking to Mendix users and collaborating with management to bring those insights to life? Can you approach projects systemically and are you able to see the big picture while still paying attention to the details? Are you able to apply a diverse set of methods & tools that illustrate the components and map the touchpoints of an experience with subject matter experts and stakeholders? 

We are looking for a Service Designer who can co-create, synthesize and communicate information across our organizational horizontal and vertical structures and will take the Mendix service experience to the next level in our journey of building the most loved low-code platform.

About the App Services & Marketplace unit
The Marketplace is at the heart of the Mendix developer community. This is where our Makers can find, use and share components. Our team is responsible for the design, development and operation of the Marketplace and managing the large number of components on-boarded from our user community and growing ecosystem. We strive to connect our Makers with the right components, when they need it so to accelerate their missions and App development with Mendix.
We want to give Makers more valuable building blocks (as App Services) to create more valuable Apps and solutions and make more impact: Apps that address new use cases and solutions for more industries with relevant capabilities. We enable Makers to harness new and powerful technology with AI powered smart services to create smarter and more sophisticated solutions. We want to empower all Makers to leverage advanced technology to increase their impact and not just professional developers or experts in data science or AI.

About the Design team
The Design team is a distributed team across several units in Boston, Pune, Shanghai and Rotterdam, with many disciplines. From user experience research and service design to brand and product design, the Mendix design team is filled with creatives focused on elevating the user experience across our products. The team is always exploring new ways to be creative and tinkering with new technologies or techniques. We believe that cross-unit and cross-disciplinary collaboration is the key to our success. 

About the Service Design discipline
Service Designers at Mendix work with various disciplines with the goal of helping connect the dots and maintaining the big picture overview by effectively using our superpowers! We also enable our stakeholders to adopt the service design mindset. We are a growing sub-discipline, part of the Product Design Team (in the R&D department). 
Our toolset contains Miro, Figjam, Figma, and Dropbox Paper when planning and conducting our work. 

Responsibilities as a Service Designer in the App Services & Marketplace Unit

  • As a Service Designer with the App Services & Marketplace unit, your contributions will elevate Mendix as a platform, servicing specific journeys across many touchpoints for all Mendix users. Your work and facilitation skills will enable us to take the end-to-end developer experience of our platform to the next level. You will frequently meet with Product Managers, Product Designers and UX researchers to advise, align and have your share in strategizing next steps.

  • Facilitation
  • You run co-creation workshops with business stakeholders, product managers, architects, developers, product designers, and UX researchers.
  • Help teams navigate complex and strategic topics through workshops for aspects such as concept exploration, ideation, hypothetical journey maps. 
  • Support and enable team members to figure out the right approach for them to run such sessions. 
  • Identify and propose potential opportunities for collaboration to overcome the challenge of working in siloes. 

  • Big picture overview
  • You will maintain an overview of the products in the Unit and connect the dots across journeys, personas and touchpoints.
  • Identify overlaps while working with product designers and product managers who are domain focused to drive a unified Mendix experience.
  • Play an active role in initiatives and projects that involve multiple developer teams in the Unit(and beyond) to connect the dots. 
  • Collaborate with our UX writer and UX researcher to improve the current information architecture of the Developer Portal. 

  • Visualisations
  • You create and collaborate on alignment diagrams (concept maps, domain storytelling, context maps, experience maps, user journeys, service blueprints are some examples) to visualize processes, product components and user touch-points of the current and future state of our platform.
  • Create overviews that show the big picture and the connection across journeys, personas and touchpoints. 
  • Improve our Process Blueprint which guides us all the way from gathering input to problem definition, solution definition, implementation and evaluation.


  • 5+ years of professional experience in a design consultancy or equivalent position 
  • Proven track record of shipped services and products 
  • Demonstrated experience of working with complex digital products, enterprise products and tech ecosystems
  • Deep expertise in human-centered design and service design
  • Ability to visualize the service experience through the lens of different diagrams 
  • Ability to communicate in different styles ranging from visual artefacts to in-person discussions with the goal of communicate complex matters in a simple manner. 
  • Active listener, ability to understand and address points of tension, ability to challenge others in a constructive way, ask questions that lead to clarity
  • Self-motivated, able to work independently but also collaborative and driven by group critique
  • Excellent graphic design and typographic skills are a plus

Our recruitment process

  • Our recruitment process for this position consists of the following steps: 
  • You apply by means of a CV, cover letter, and sharing a challenging project and how you approached this
  • One of our recruiters will give you a call. In this call they can tell you more about Mendix and our company culture. 
  • This is followed by an interview with the design management. 
  • The final step is a portfolio presentation: you get to present yourself and your work to the team and unit you will be working with. You will also have time for conversations with the team and unit. 
Working for Mendix and with our Customers means your reliability has to be beyond any doubt, and therefore every employment is subject to an onboarding screening and the condition precedent a Certificate of Conduct is provided that demonstrates you did not commit any offences that are relevant to the performance of your function.


Working at Mendix

Mendix has been recognized as a Best Cloud Computing Company to Work For by Forbes. With offices in 16+ countries including headquarters in Rotterdam and Boston, Mendix provides an international playground to truly impact the world through low-code. 
While each employee brings their own unique cultures and personalities to the workplace, we collectively live by our Mendix Blue Guiding Principles: 

While we live on different continents, speak different languages, and work on different things, we are bound by our “MendixBlue” guiding principles.  Being “MendixBlue” means that you live the culture, and you consistently improve it as we grow.  It’s kind of a big deal.

We put the customer first.  Without our customers, we have no business.  So, if you act in the best interest of our customers, always…you belong here.

We think big. We work to have a meaningful, lasting impact on the world.  So, if you aim high and think long term…you belong here.

We innovate.  We want to be what happens next.  So, if you ask “what if?” and work to find a way or make one…you belong here. 

We nurture talent.  We look, not just at the sum of what an individual has done, but at the potential of who they can be.  So, if you’re up for learning from your failures…you belong here.

We hear every voice.  Inflated egos don’t last here, humility does.  So, if you share credit and ensure that the best ideas win – regardless of who they come from…you belong here.

We own it.  If something needs doing, we do it. So, if you focus on the outcome, and take initiative to get it done…you belong here.

We have fun.  We use laughter as a common language.  We can ask for help and we’re happy to give it.  So, if you find joy and purpose in what you do…you belong here.

About Mendix

About us We are creating an application platform that empowers people to build and continuously improve apps at unprecedented speed and scale. Who we are We’ve been in your shoes We know firsthand how hard it can be to quickly build software your users love, while maintaining the control you need. Having worked with hundreds of enterprise customers, we also understand how difficult it is to successfully execute a digital strategy. Our mission Our founders created Mendix to solve the biggest challenge in digital innovation: to empower IT and Business teams to collaborate like never before, while experiencing unmatched speed and control. These principles are architected into the very core of our platform, and they drive our relentless focus on your success. We are here to help We love helping you build breakthrough digital experiences, rejecting the conventional approach of merely doing the same things faster. We seek a long-term partnership with your team so we can help you deliver transformative value through applications. Our conviction—and your success—is powered by a diverse team of passionate and exceptional talent.

Want to learn more about Mendix? Visit Mendix's website.