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Merrill is an international organization that offers technology-enabled platforms for secure content sharing, regulated communications, and disclosure services for the world of international finance. 

For half a century, they've provided the tools to help some of the biggest companies in the world connect with speed, accuracy, and confidence. And in 2000, they became the first online management resource legally required for publicly traded companies.  

Their digital transformation, in partnership with Microsoft and Pivotal Software, now allows clients to leverage highly innovative technology and advanced analytics, alongside ironclad security - all without losing the human touch. 

And the transformation continues - Merrill is opening a digital innovation lab in New York in 2018. 

As a global organization, Merrill knows that diverse perspectives are essential to our success. We’re committed to maintaining a diverse workforce to serve our customers around the world. Merrill is an equal opportunity employer (EEO) and furthers the principles of EEO through Affirmative Action.

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The Perks

Commitment to Talent

Merrill's employees are their priority. You'll find a positive, fast-paced workplace with a collaborative, results-oriented team.

International Opportunities

With offices in 34 countries around the world.

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Current Job Openings at Merrill


Associate Accountant R31635

St. Paul, MN (USA)

Application Support Engineering

Application Support Engineer R31609

St. Paul, MN (USA)


Client Biller (Third Shift) R31556

St. Paul, MN (USA)


Digital Finishing Operator R31397

Grove City, OH (USA)

Communications & Events

Communications Manager R31587

New York, NY (USA)

Customer Product Support

Product Support Specialist R31574

St. Paul, MN (USA)

Product Support Specialist R31586

St. Paul, MN (USA)

Customer Service

Client Services Supervisor R31599

St. Paul, MN (USA)

Database Development

Sr. Data and Insights Engineer R30922

Minneapolis, MN (USA)

Digital Production

Digital High Speed Operator, Sr R30941

Union 649, NJ (USA)

Direct Sales

Sales Executive R31480

New York, NY (USA)


Fulfillment Specialist, Int R31414

Grove City, OH (USA)

Fulfillment Specialist, Int R31334

Grove City, OH (USA)

Marketing Administration

Product Marketing

Sr. Director Product Marketing M&A R31451

Minneapolis, MN (USA)

Sales Client Support

Sales Associate, Sr. R31624

New York, NY (USA)

Sales Technology

Manager, Salesforce Practice R31434

St. Paul, MN (USA)

Server Engineering

Senior Server Engineer R31569

St. Paul, MN (USA)

Sr. Cloud Engineer R31566

St. Paul, MN (USA)

Sr. Cloud Engineer R31567

St. Paul, MN (USA)

Software Engineering

Automation Engineer R31631

Minneapolis, MN (USA)

Sr Software Engineer II R31584

St. Paul, MN (USA)

Software Engineer II R31516

St. Paul, MN (USA)

Sr UI Engineer R31512

Minneapolis, MN (USA)

Sr Software Engineer II R31517

St. Paul, MN (USA)

Automation Engineer R31514

St. Paul, MN (USA)

Automation Engineer R31518

St. Paul, MN (USA)

UI/ Front End Engineer R31100

London (GBR)

Software Engineer II, Sr R31227

St. Paul, MN (USA)

Staff Software Engineer R30882

St. Paul, MN (USA)


Training Specialist R31641

St. Paul, MN (USA)