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Merrill, New York, NY (USA)

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Merrill Corporation is the industry leader in technology solutions that enable mergers, acquisitions, initial public offerings, restructuring and other critical capital transactions in more than 170 countries. We provide the world’s leading investment banks, private equity firms, law firms and corporations with tools to simplify, streamline and accelerate the due diligence process, helping them close more deals, faster. We are a global team of high-energy, passionate people. We have strong individual voices but we work as a team, bringing out the best in each other. We thrive under pressure and always keep the customer at the heart of everything we do.

Job Description:


  • Squad Operations – Builds and maintains motivated teams, making sure there is iterative plan to work towards, supporting the day to day agile ceremonies of squads (sprint planning, reviews, growing, retrospectives etc), squad administration, performance and OKR management. Leads software team and be the liaison between Product Ownership, Project Governance, and the Development/Implementation Teams.
  • Removing Obstacles and Impediments that hinder or limit squad/tribe efficiency. i.e removing ‘blockers’ or obstacles to progress: negotiating with stakeholders, refocusing senior leadership, or addressing procurement issues for example. 
  • Reporting – tracking key squad discovery and delivery metrics, understanding and reporting on current state and progress of work, what is done and not, etc.  Clear reporting and communication is a key for this role, not only to the Leadership Team but also to the various Product Managers and Business Leads. 
  • Agile Coaching - Reinforce proven tools, techniques, practices, coaching squads through discovery and delivery stages continuous improvement through the product development pipeline. Establish and enforce agile delivery standards and best practices.  Mentor and train agile delivery team and stakeholders
  • Product Execution Discipline – follow-up on day to day tasks/activities to exceed expectations.

    Focusing of the team on what is most important to the delivery of products and services.

  • Org Readiness – ensures that all Merrill internal stakeholders are fully prepared to support the features/functionality that Product introduces to our clients.  Org readiness helps identify well in advance risks, action items and experts needed to ensure success during launch activities


  • Bachelor's degree
  • Minimum of 2 years' work experience preferably as a scrum master or project management
  • Agile and Lean practices -Able to identify and compare the best processes or delivery methods to use. Can adapt and reflect, is resilient and has the ability to see outside of the process. Able to use a blended approach depending on the context. Able to measure and evaluate outcomes. Able to help teams to manage and visualize outcomes.
  • Communicating between the technical and non-technical -Able to listen to the needs of technical and business stakeholders and interpret them. Able to manage stakeholders’ expectations and be flexible, is capable of proactive and reactive communication. Facilitates difficult discussions within the team or with diverse senior stakeholders.
  • Maintaining delivery momentum - Able to facilitate the delivery flow of a team, managing the pace and tempo. Able to actively address internal and external risks, issues and dependencies including where ownership exists outside the team.
  • Planning - Understands the environment and is able to prioritize the most important or highest value tasks. Able to use data to inform planning. Able to manage complex internal and external dependencies. Able to provide delivery confidence. Able to remove blockers or impediments that affect the plan and is able to develop a plan for difficult situations. Ensures teams plan appropriately for their own capacity.
  • Team dynamics and collaboration - Able to bring people together to form a motivated team. Able to empower delivery teams. Able to help create the right environment for a team to work in. Recognizes and deals with issues. Able to facilitate the best team makeup depending on the situation.

About Merrill

Merrill is an international organization that offers technology-enabled platforms for secure content sharing, regulated communications, and disclosure services for the world of international finance. 

For half a century, they've provided the tools to help some of the biggest companies in the world connect with speed, accuracy, and confidence. And in 2000, they became the first online management resource legally required for publicly traded companies.  

Their digital transformation, in partnership with Microsoft and Pivotal Software, now allows clients to leverage highly innovative technology and advanced analytics, alongside ironclad security - all without losing the human touch. 

And the transformation continues - Merrill is opening a digital innovation lab in New York in 2018. 

As a global organization, Merrill knows that diverse perspectives are essential to our success. We’re committed to maintaining a diverse workforce to serve our customers around the world. Merrill is an equal opportunity employer (EEO) and furthers the principles of EEO through Affirmative Action.

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