Software Engineer I, Sr


Merrill, Minneapolis, MN (USA)

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Merrill Corporation is the industry leader in technology solutions that enable mergers, acquisitions, initial public offerings, restructuring and other critical capital transactions in more than 170 countries. We provide the world’s leading investment banks, private equity firms, law firms and corporations with tools to simplify, streamline and accelerate the due diligence process, helping them close more deals, faster. We are a global team of high-energy, passionate people. We have strong individual voices but we work as a team, bringing out the best in each other. We thrive under pressure and always keep the customer at the heart of everything we do.

Job Description:

The senior engineer 1 should be seen as a rock-solid engineer who is a master of their specific domain. The senior engineer 1 is capable of owning technical design for projects of moderate complexity, and understands the tradeoffs in creating good software in their area. They hold a depth of knowledge in systems that enables them to debug those systems effectively without flailing. In addition to writing consistently high-quality code they are aware of industry best practices and trends, and have acquired at least one major skill outside of  programming such as monitoring, performance optimization, documentation, integration testing, visual design.

The senior engineer 1 gets a lot done. They are responsible for complex tasks and complete them despite roadblocks, grabbing others for help or insight as necessary. The senior engineer 1 requires very little oversight beyond high-level direction; they can take a complex user story, break it down into sub-tasks, and complete their sub-tasks with relative ease. The senior engineer 1 shows initiative beyond knocking tasks off a list; they are able to identify and suggest areas of future work for themselves or their teams. They seek evidence to support their ideas and start to build cases for these ideas. They deliver products to QA that they believe are well-baked and bug-free.

The senior engineer 1 has end-to-end responsibility for projects of increasing complexity that encompass more than their own development. They contribute to the common code bases and standards for the team. They understand the business that their code supports, and possess empathy for the users of their software; they use this understanding to influence their task prioritization. They assist QA in identifying and validating test cases and can identify regression risks in their features. In general, they can identify risks in code, features, and design, and communicate these to the appropriate parties.

The senior engineer 1 is known outside of their core team as a technology leader. They participate extensively in code reviews, and mentor others via code reviews and pairing, as well as frequently presenting at Drinks and Demos and team meetings. They work effectively with non-tech members of

their pillar. They are able to identify problems with requirements and help their team course-correct around these issues. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Understands and makes well-reasoned design decisions and tradeoffs in their area;  able to work in other areas of codebase without guidance.

Doesn't flail while debugging.

Persistent in the face of roadblocks; dispatches them efficiently pulling in others as as necessary.  Requires minimal direction/oversight.

End-to-end responsibility on projects of increasing complexity; contributes to common code.

Looks at test cases and advises QA on adjacent code/regression impact.

Understands the business supported by their pillar or the pillars they support.

Communicates technical decisions through design docs, tech talks, and the wiki.

Mentors junior engineers via pairing, design reviews, and code review.  Contributes frequently to Drinks and Demos.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities

Demonstrates knowledge of industry trends, our infrastructure and our build system, including maven, jenkins and git.

Takes the initiative to fix issues before being assigned to them.  Seeks empirical evidence through proof of concepts, tests and external research.

Delivers complex products to QA that they believe are well-baked and bug free.

Partners with product and analytics and drive requirements that take into account all parties' needs.

Possess empathy with the user of the software they are producing and uses that empathy to guide decision-making.

Identified problems/risks of own work and others.

Communicates effectively across functions; is able to work well with product, Design, Analytics, etc, as necessary.

Proactively identifies problems with requirements (lack of clarity, inconsistencies, technical limitations) for their own work and adjacent work, and communicates these issues early to help course-correct.

Minimum Education 

4 year college degree in Computer Science, MIS, Mathematics or similar

Minimum Experience 

5 Years

Preferred Experience 

8+ years

About Merrill

Merrill is an international organization that offers technology-enabled platforms for secure content sharing, regulated communications, and disclosure services for the world of international finance. 

For half a century, they've provided the tools to help some of the biggest companies in the world connect with speed, accuracy, and confidence. And in 2000, they became the first online management resource legally required for publicly traded companies.  

Their digital transformation, in partnership with Microsoft and Pivotal Software, now allows clients to leverage highly innovative technology and advanced analytics, alongside ironclad security - all without losing the human touch. 

And the transformation continues - Merrill is opening a digital innovation lab in New York in 2018. 

As a global organization, Merrill knows that diverse perspectives are essential to our success. We’re committed to maintaining a diverse workforce to serve our customers around the world. Merrill is an equal opportunity employer (EEO) and furthers the principles of EEO through Affirmative Action.

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