Backend Services Engineer

Meteor Development Group, San Francisco

The open source company for JavaScript and GraphQL

Build the APIs, services, and infrastructure behind our GraphQL libraries and developer tools. You'll have the opportunity to learn and use a cutting edge Apollo stack, define our schemas and data models, and implement and maintain our backend systems, all while putting into practice the GraphQL-first methodologies that we teach and advocate. This is a great role for full-stack web devs who love product development and are excited to help design the next generation of tools and patterns for product engineers.

What you'll do

  • Build a set of microservices that provide GraphQL query registration to every Apollo development team.
  • Implement authorization and a role management system for Apollo that supports the needs of sophisticated enterprise customers.
  • Design and build technical integrations between Apollo's cloud services and popular developer tools like Datadog, Pagerduty, and GitHub.
  • Work on our backend infrastructure that collects and aggregates high resolution execution timing data for billions of GraphQL queries.

About you

  • You're familiar with the modern web stack including technologies like JavaScript, GraphQL, REST, and Node.
  • You have great product taste and care about building high-quality user experiences that are easy to use and feel great.
  • You like to work quickly and make fast, intuitive product decisions.
  • You enjoy talking to customers and collecting feedback from users. You look forward to being on the support rotation to get closer to users.
  • You have experience writing server code for demanding scalability or availability requirements.
This position can be done from our San Francisco headquarters, or anywhere else in the world.

MDG is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace dedicated to pursuing and hiring a talented and diverse workforce.

About Meteor Development Group

Meteor is the JavaScript App Platform setting the standard for modern cloud/client architectures for mobile and web. Meteor's JavaScript based framework is making app development radically simple for developers everywhere. The open source Meteor project is overseen by San Francisco-based Meteor Development Group, backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Matrix Partners, Y Combinator, and individual investors. Meteor was created in 2012 by Geoff Schmidt, Nick Martin, and Matt DeBergalis.

Meteor Development Group

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