Product Marketing Manager

Meteor Development Group, San Francisco

The open source company for JavaScript and GraphQL

We make open source software that helps developers write great applications, and we sell commercial tools — like Apollo Engine — and services to engineering teams that rely on Apollo for their most important products.

We are looking for someone to lead the outbound marketing that educates, motivates, and persuades teams to buy those tools and services. You’ll lead the messaging that explains the value of the product and its features, and the pricing and packaging that best fits the buyer's budget and purchasing motion.

What you’ll do

  • Segmentation — Learn everything we need to know about our target buyers, in each segment or vertical we want to focus on: who they are, what they care most about, what makes them buy, what’s stopping them, and who we’re competing with.
  • Positioning and messaging — Explain Apollo's purpose and its capabilities in terms of benefits that our buyers understand and value, for use on our website, in customer calls and product briefings, and for demand generation campaigns.
  • Sales enablement — Produce customer decks, webinars, case studies, public product pages, and train our sales team on what's how to use them.
  • Product launches — Lead the launch of new products and features, coordinating with Engineering, Product, Marketing, and Sales.
  • Pricing and packaging — Design SKUs that help customers get access to the Apollo product features and professional services they most want, in a form they can quickly buy.
  • Content for developers — Help our open source team produce content for developers that explains what Engine is and how it's helpful to a team using Apollo.

About you

  • You get the magic of open source and what makes developers love great tools.
  • You‘ve had one or two successful stints doing product marketing at a cloud infrastructure or open source company that does it really well. You know what great PMM looks like, you’ve had a meaningful hand in the work, and you’re ready to take the next step to lead it yourself.
  • You have a track record of collaborating well with sales and engineering teams.
  • You’re familiar with modern application development, API technologies, developer tools and services, cloud infrastructure, and/or the JavaScript ecosystem.
  • You value high production quality, and deliver finished, polished work.
  • You’ve got a straightforward, clear, and precise communication style.
You'll be based out of Meteor HQ in San Francisco, CA.

MDG is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace dedicated to pursuing and hiring a talented and diverse workforce.

About Meteor Development Group

Meteor is the JavaScript App Platform setting the standard for modern cloud/client architectures for mobile and web. Meteor's JavaScript based framework is making app development radically simple for developers everywhere. The open source Meteor project is overseen by San Francisco-based Meteor Development Group, backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Matrix Partners, Y Combinator, and individual investors. Meteor was created in 2012 by Geoff Schmidt, Nick Martin, and Matt DeBergalis.

Meteor Development Group

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