Associate Teacher, Male/ Saudi Upper, Elementary School

MiSK Schools, Riyadh

Innovative Private School in Riyadh

The Associate Teacher works collaboratively with teachers as they plan using effective strategies, resources and data to meet the needs of all students.
      Plan units of inquiry and lessons with classroom, ELA and SEN teachers
      Plans lessons and units within the co-curricular activities program
      Plan, prepare, and develop various teaching aids
      Prepare lesson materials, bulletin board displays, exhibits, equipment, and demonstrations
      Organize and label materials, and display students’ work in a manner appropriate for their eye levels and perceptual skills.
      Assist classroom teacher in planning and arranging the use of space for various activities in the classroom.
      Participate in the design, development, implementation and review of the curriculum
Assists teachers in planning time realistically for pacing, content coverage, and transitions

Assistance in Instructional Delivery
The Associate Teacher effectively engages students in learning.

      Facilitates learning in the form of individual and small group settings in a positive and differentiated climate of instruction
      Engages and maintains students in active learning
      Participates, when appropriate,  in teacher-parent and student-led  conferences regarding students’ progress or problems
      Implements lessons and activities within the co-curricular program
      Uses instructional technology to enhance student learning
      Communicates clearly and checks for understanding
Contributes to community service and global citizenship goals

The Associate Teacher maintains a commitment to professional ethics, international mindedness, and the school’s mission; and takes responsibility for the participates in professional growth that results in enhancement of student learning.

      Participate in PD workshops that will take place on campus and abroad  
      Participate in the design, development, implementation of the Programme
      Collaborates and communicates effectively within the school community to promote students’ well-being and success
      Adheres to school policies and ethical guidelines
      Incorporates learning from professional growth opportunities into practice
      Sets professional goals for improvement of knowledge and skills
      Engages in activities outside the classroom intended for school and student enhancement
Demonstrates international mindedness by respecting diversity and taking an interest in the Saudi Arabian culture and international traditions

About MiSK Schools

Founded by HRH Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, MiSK Schools is a state-of-the-art day school in Riyadh imparting a world-class education based on the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme. MiSK Schools champions a unique education model in which experienced local and international faculty members use project-based and experiential learning—among a range of instructional methodologies—to equip young minds with the necessary cognitive, academic, and social skills to succeed in everyday life. MiSK Schools offers a holistic learning environment, seamlessly integrating technology into everyday learning to foster students’ curiosity, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit.

MiSK Schools

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