Cloud IoT Architect

Mojio, Campbell


At Mojio, we’re connecting the cars of today for the journeys of tomorrow. Backed by leading investors including Amazon, T-Mobile, and Deutsche Telekom, Mojio is driving the global adoption of its connected car technology via its growing portfolio of customers, including T-Mobile and Vivint in the US, Deutsche Telekom in Europe and Telus in Canada. With more than 10 billion miles worth of real-world driving data processed to date, we have created one of the largest and fastest-growing big data pools in the automotive industry. If you’re interested in joining us on our mission to give every vehicle a voice, apply now!

The Opportunity

You will work on the design and creation of high-thruput IoT and AI systems feeding the future of connected devices, including:

  • Designing efficient data pipelines and placement using the latest technologies to house and processing 3+ petabytes of data and growing quickly that represents over 7 billion miles of driving
    • Big data placement and processing frameworks
    • Hot path data processing and it’s linking with offline data processing
    • Representing the right data in the right format and layout for various use cases
    • Scalable solutions for data storage and processing
    • Connecting big data with leading edge neural network systems for AI training and deployment
    • Understanding data analytics around the rides of users based on customer needs
  • Support data processing that contributes to the growing use of anonymous data that can provide value to users and the larger ecosystem
  • Support data from vehicles as well as other IoT devices
  • Drive efficient and leading-edge solutions to create neural network derived insights from time-based data as well as video and image feeds
  • Drive the strategic direction around big data and leading-edge AI/analytics
  • Providing solution while maintaining privacy and security requirements.

Who You Are

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Masters or PhD in Computer Science with preferably a focus on data science/AI
  • Strong technical leadership skills across an organization
  • Experience with big data processing for analytics and/or AI
  • Experience with Azure or AWS cloud systems
  • Experience with efficient processing of large data systems with technologies like Spark, Neural Networks, etc.
  • Experience with IoT streaming data either time-series data or video feeds

Other job requirements:

  • Ability to work with a distributed team to creating great collaborative solutions
  • An open mind to new opportunities and new solutions
  • Good architectural knowledge to provide platform and efficient solutions rather than one-off snowflakes.
  • Strong interest in connected car, autonomous and the future of transportation.
  • Coding skills in one or more of: C/C++, C#, Python, Java, R as well as higher level frameworks such as Spark, Storm, NoSQL, Hadoop/HBase, etc.

 Our Perks and Benefits

  • Competitive salary, bonus and options package
  • Excellent benefits (health, dental and vision)
  • Lifestyle Savings Account 
  • Education Tuition Program
  • Team outings 
  • Phone bill reimbursement and many more!

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, sex, color, religion, national origin, protected veteran status, gender identity, sexual orientation, or on the basis of disability.

Posted positions are not open to third party recruiters/agencies and unsolicited resume submissions will be considered free referrals.

About Mojio

DRIVEN TOWARDS A MORE CONNECTED WORLD When people ask us, “What does Mojio mean?” we usually start by explaining that it didn’t mean much of anything when the founders chose the name in 2012. That was the whole point. An automotive revolution was brewing and we needed to put a name to the connected car, one that was as open as the road itself. One that was as much about the journey as it was the destination, one that represented the future of connectivity and growth. Mojio was born. Fast-forward and Mojio means so much more. We are the technological backbone for the rapidly growing connected car industry. A space forecasted to reach hundreds of millions of vehicles around the world by 2020. Now, Mojio isn’t just connecting cars to the Internet, we’re enabling a new automotive ecosystem, bringing together players of all shapes, sizes and forms. Mojio is the key to connecting them all. This is what drives us. Mojio unlocks hidden data from nearly any vehicle Now what does this mean for the industries we service? For wireless carriers, it means that the connected car is like the new smartphone. For automotive dealers, it means a new and highly insightful relationship between customers and the service bay. For auto insurers, it means the gateway to a better business model founded upon real data from real drivers. And for everyday drivers, it means a new era of vehicle ownership, one that harnesses untapped data to deliver something we’ve all longed for: automotive peace of mind. Welcome to the new automotive ecosystem. That means welcome to Mojio.

Want to learn more about Mojio? Visit Mojio's website.