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We come from many different places, but what unites us is our passion. At Moment Factory, each new project is a blank page awaiting the creativity and talent of our whole team, no matter the individual responsibilities, roles, or fields. Our desire to innovate, to take risks, and to learn from our mistakes and from each other is what allows us to create collective projects that go above and beyond. Today, thanks to a team of 350 creative minds, we have been able to create immersive multimedia environments for artists, museums, airports, brands, theme parks and events, as well as our signature shows. No matter the canvas – be it film, lighting, multimedia architecture, sound design, special effects, or interactive projects – the thirst for experimentation and innovation is at the core of our DNA


The multimedia set designer acts as a designer for the definition of space, visual and scenographic effects. He/she proposes conceptual approaches for projects. The person filling this position has heightened concern for the integration of multimedia into architecture in order to conceal the more technical aspects of the project.


Being part of the Music team means rethinking the experience of a concert or an artist through multimedia. Working with internationally renowned performers is definitely an exciting playground.


1. Participation in the creative process

- Participating in the creative process by providing conceptual ideas during ideation sessions;
- Developing creative tracks with the Multimedia Director (research, drawings, models);
- Developing sketches, plans, 3D graphic constructs, summary construction details to express the scenography and technical aspects of projects;
- Proposing scenographic solutions that take into account the budget and artistic direction;
- Communicating intended design plans in a visual presentation to be shared within the
departments and with the client;
- Presenting projects and concepts to Moment Factory partners;
- Participating in project pre-test workshops.

2. R & D

- Technology watch: must be constantly on the lookout for new developments in Multimedia,
Scenography, Design and Architecture.

3. Being a resource to the team in his/her area of expertise

- Assisting, training or supporting the team in relation to its acquired knowledge and skills;
- Adapting your professional background to Moment Factory’s various projects.


- A College Diploma in Scenography or a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design, Industrial Design or Architecture;
- A background in Building Design and/or Architectural Technology is an asset;
- Advanced command of French and English, both oral and written;
- 3 years experience in stage design or in a related field;
- Knowledge of Autocad and Sketchup;
- Extensive knowledge in the fields of multimedia and architecture;
- Drawing ability.


- You have the ability to perceive and understand spaces and dimensions;
- You have the capacity to meet tight deadlines;
- You have a heightened artistic flair;
- You have good general knowledge of Art and Culture;
- You are very interested in working with a team.


- Flexibility in work schedules;
- Ability to travel frequently in the United States and elsewhere;
- Optional hybrid work.
At Moment Factory, we work hard because we believe in the potential of bringing people together to experience emotions, create connections and memories. To create these memorable moments, we encourage the collaborative work of multidisciplinary talents, all united by the same passion. It is the meeting of all this diverse knowledge that creates sparks. That’s why we are looking for inspired and inspiring people, always curious, willing to learn, share and reinvent themselves.

If you think you’re a good fit for this position, we invite you to submit your application now. We’re not able to follow up on every application, so we’ll only contact those selected. Thank you for considering a career at Moment Factory. We look forward to meeting you!

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At Moment Factory, we bring people together. Our shows and destinations pioneer forms of entertainment that offer the world new experiences. Whether at a concert, a flagship store or across an urban square, we aim to inspire a sense of collective wonder and connection.

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