Robot Attendant (Restaurant)

Momentum Machines, San Francisco

The Next Industrial Revolution

Seeking trailblazers who are excited about the future of technology in the restaurant industry!!

We approach restaurant design and the guest experience in a totally new way and are constantly evolving and testing new ideas. We offer exposure to new industries and new skills which will give you the tools and knowledge to grow both personally and professionally.

You are:

  • Service-oriented: Hungry people can be impatient, demanding, and not at all difficult for you to handle, because you’re empathetic and sympathetic and because your sense of optimism and cheerfulness is unshakeable; you’re warm, pleasant and easy to talk to.
  • Growth minded: You promote genuine personal growth and growth in others. You thrive in an environment of feedback.
  • Action Oriented: You enjoy working hard and attacking new problems as they arise. There is no challenge too great for you and you can easily put together a plan of action for whatever comes up.
  • Technologically savvy: or in the very least willing and able to learn quickly.
  • Experienced: You have some experience in customer service. You have demonstrated a proven ability to brighten someone's day. You're happiest when everything runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Detail oriented: There are a ton of moving pieces in our restaurants and specific ways in which they fit together. You possess the patience to do it correctly and the desire to learn why.
  • Uncompromising with cleanliness: You understand the importance of proper sanitation, hold a valid ServSafe certification, and never take shortcuts when it comes to cleaning.
  • Autonomous: You take initiative to do what needs doing; you’re achievement-oriented and compelled by an internal desire to do your best.
  • Conscientious:  You’re organized, you keep your promises, and you’re known by friends, family and peers to be reliable.
  • Autodidactic: you enjoy learning; you relish the challenge of doing things you’ve never done before, are open to new idea, and and enjoy growing your mastery in new domains; you desire to improve yourself and the world around you.

You will:

  • Learn to do everything that’s part of running a restaurant in San Francisco; taking and fulfilling orders, maintaining equipment and cleaning.  Every possible activity necessary to make the restaurant a success will be performed by the team at the location.
  • Help where needed, which is everywhere: We each “wear a lot of hats” and fill many roles. You will too. From guest facing roles that ensure our guests are served warmly and efficiently, to more technical roles of cleaning, restocking and prepping ingredients, you will be happy to help wherever needed and enjoy the variety of tasks that this job provides.
  • Commit to learn and grow with the company: This is just the beginning of our story, and we have positioned ourselves as front runners in a brand new industry. We are looking for teammates with insatiable appetites for knowledge and growth. Those who can keep up with us will enjoy standardized pay increases, promotions, and perks outside of those offered by typical restaurant groups.
  • Manage your schedule professionally: To be successful at any job, you first have to show up. We expect our team members to be punctual, arrange their own coverage in the event of a scheduling conflict, and avoid excessive absenteeism.
  • Keep the store spotless: This is one of the least great parts of the job, but it’s an important one. Spills happen. Trash bins fill up. Glass surfaces attract fingerprints. Every member of the team will share the burden of keeping the location sparkling-clean and inviting.
  • Be an all-around rockstar: We are unusual in that we like to rethink every aspect of restaurant operations in new, exciting and innovative ways. This will require a unique perspective and a willingness to constantly change and improve, so you better be a rockstar to keep up!
Creator doesn’t discriminate based upon race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, status as a protected veteran, status as an individual with a disability, or other applicable legally protected characteristics. We’re committed to being a team that reflects a broad range of experience, thought, geography, age, background, gender, sexual orientation, language, culture and many other characteristics.

About Momentum Machines

Founded in 2009 and holed up in the gritty part of San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood, we’re a small collective of foodies and engineers with decades of robotics and restaurant experience. In the past five-plus years, we’ve solved many difficult engineering and manufacturing challenges, helped each other grow, and built some interesting intellectual property. Our first device makes gourmet burgers from scratch with no human interaction. These burgers are fresh-ground and grilled to order and accented by an infinitely personalizable variety of produce, seasonings, and sauces. Serving a burger this great at such affordable prices would be impossible without culinary automation. We’re building an engineering-focused group of analytic and creative individuals. The team consists of roboticists from institutions including Berkeley and Stanford and firms like Tesla and NASA as well as product managers with restaurant experience. Momentum is advised by some of the top restaurant operators, culinary experts, roboticists, and designers, including the former Head of R&D at Fat Duck.

Momentum Machines

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