Director of Data Science, Product

Monzo, London

We're building a bank, together

We're looking for a Data Science Director to help our product teams build the bank of the future. You’ll have the opportunity to lead teams of Data Scientists across our product organisation, managing our Data Science teams across Personal Banking, Subscriptions and Business Banking. This is very much a leadership role – you’ll sit at both the leadership level for the Product organisation and the Data Discipline, helping shape the future of both. We’re on track to grow Monzo (500% growth since January 2019!) and the Data Discipline (300% growth since Oct 2020!) and are looking for a leader ready to take on both. 

Personal Banking and Subscriptions own our most important current account features. You’ll get the chance to work on our market leading products like Pots, Get Paid Early, and our Plus and Premium Product. Your work will produce a best in class new user experience, and help build social connections with our peer to peer payments, our referral programme and shared tabs. 

You’ll work closely with the general managers, product, design and engineering directors to run your area of the business. You’ll be responsible for the future size and direction of your data area, building a high performing team across our subdisciplines (from Data Scientists and Analytics Engineers, all the way to Machine Learning Engineers). You’ll grow and mentor the Data Discipline members of your team, including your own Data Science managers. 

You’ll ensure we generate high quality insights that help shape the direction of  our product. You’ll lead a culture of high quality, proactive analyses designed to not only respond to new features as they launch, but to help generate the foundations of what we do next. We’re looking for someone enthusiastic about building market leading products and seeing the data insights their team produces go on to improve the lives of millions of our customers. 

As part of your role, you'll:

  • Be a key leader in building a discipline of exceptional data scientists working on making Monzo world class at tackling Data problems
  • Help hire, develop and retain top tier talented Data Scientists
  • Develop your own leadership structure of Data Science Managers
  • Promote a culture of proactive, high quality data insights that can impact the direction of Monzo
  • Establish yourself as a trusted partner to the product leadership teams with a reputation for getting things done
  • Bring data leadership and rigour to our approach to product development
  • Build a strategic understanding of the business while structuring complex projects to bring them to life

What’s special about data at Monzo?

We have a strong culture of data-driven decision making across the whole company. And we're great believers in powerful, real-time analytics and empowerment of the wider business. All our data lives in one place and is super easy to use. 90% of day-to-day data-driven decisions are covered by self-serve analytics through Looker which gives data scientists the head space to focus on more impactful business questions and analyses.


We work in cross-functional squads where every data scientist is a member of a central data discipline and fully embedded into a product squad alongside Engineers, Designers, Marketers, Product Managers, Machine Learning Engineers etc.

Autonomy. We believe that people reach their full potential when you can remove all the operational obstacles out of their way and let them run with their ideas. This comes together with a strong sense of ownership for your projects. At Monzo, you will get full access to our data and analytics infrastructure. When you discover something interesting, there is nothing stopping you from exploring and implementing your coolest ideas.

Cutting-edge managed infrastructure. All our data infrastructure lives on the Google Cloud Platform, so you don't need to spend your time configuring or managing clusters, databases, etc. All of our infrastructure is also designed so that we can have really high data quality, and spend most of our time using that data to support business decisions.

Automation. We aim to automate as much as we can, so that every person in the team can focus on the things that humans do best: think creatively. As with all data science work, there’s some analysis and reporting, and as much as possible we encourage self-serve access to our data through Looker.

You should apply if:

  • What we’re doing here at Monzo excites you!
  • You know what it takes to hire and retain top tier Data Science talent
  • You have multiple years of experience in a leadership position in Data Science
  • You know what it takes to impact product strategy
  • You consider yourself an empathetic leader, have experience managing Data Scientists and you really enjoy that part of the job
  • You have experience working together and collaborating with senior business stakeholders and product teams
  • You're familiar with using a variety of Data Science tools (from business intelligence, experimentation and causal inference through to machine learning), and coding languages (Python and SQL). You know the right tools for the job and can help your team choose the right approaches


  • We can help you relocate to London & we can sponsor visas
  • This role can be based in our London office or remotely within the UK
  • We offer flexible working hours and trust you to work enough hours to do your job well, at times that suit you and your team
  • Diversity and inclusion is a priority for us – if we want to solve problems for people around the world, our team has to represent our customers. So we need to attract the best talent and create an environment that supports and includes them. You can read more about diversity and inclusion on our blog
  • If you prefer to work part-time, we'll make this happen whenever we can – whether this is to help you meet other commitments or strike a great work-life balance



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