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moovel North America, Portland, OR

An urban mobility company, making cities smarter

Here at moovel NA we are all about connecting with talent proactively. We encourage you to apply to this general job posting if you do not see a position available that looks like a good fit for you at this time. Please keep an eye on our website for the right position to open up!

About moovel North America


Cities around the world are evolving and, as a result, urban mobility has become an ecosystem of connected modes of transportation.

Moving around in cities, we travel in different ways, including walking, biking, riding public transit, and using cars. With the rise of new technologies and the on-demand economy, providing us access to whatever we want, whenever we want, transportation is no longer just a question of options, but of convenience and ease of use.

With transportation on the edge of disruption, Daimler, the company that invented the automobile in 1886 and owns Mercedes-Benz, founded moovel to reinvent the concept of urban mobility. At moovel, we aim to discover how new technologies will affect the way we move tomorrow and connect the ever-changing state of urban transportation.

moovel offers new ways to connect the urban mobility ecosystem with our three complementary products: moovel app, moovel transit and RideTap.

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