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Sales Enablement at MuleSoft is transforming how we sell, enabling much larger average selling prices (ASPs) and higher win rates by delivering insight and ultimately transformational outcomes to customers. Our charter is to improve sales productivity, which is arguably the most important metric in our business. We don’t just roll out a model that is already proven--we are defining the model. In the process we’re helping a large number of individuals accelerate their careers.  

Our training programs are a critical piece of how we are embedding our new sales approach, onboarding talent and accelerating careers. Our team has built a reputation for delivering exceptional programs. We’re now reaching a size where we need to scale those programs without losing effectiveness. We’ve seen too many companies where scale equals mediocrity. That scenario terrifies us, and we’re going to rely on our new Senior Manager, Global Field Training to help us turn scale into an advantage.

As the Senior Manager, Global Field Training, you will be located in our San Francisco Headquarters and will lead design and execution of all field training programs. You will:

  • Understand the training need
  • Define crisp learning objectives
  • Determine the right delivery approach (We use online training when we can and in-person training when that’s the right thing to do)
  • Build training content, including facilitator’s guides, learning aides, etc that support replicable, consistent and effective delivery of the material through the appropriate modality
  • Train the trainers – develop and lead ways of ensuring that sales managers and other subject-matter experts (SMEs) serve as excellent presenters and facilitators

The role has broad reach and impact:

  • Our Field teams encompass ~60% of the headcount of the company, including sales, account development, solutions consulting, customer success, training, services, partner managers and marketing
  • Some e-learning programs are used by the full company as well as for training external partners
  • You’ll be the expert across the business at employee training, focusing on the field organization but also advising and mentoring people who are developing training in other parts of the business

What you’ll achieve:

30 days:

  • Immerse yourself in how we sell at MuleSoft, our value proposition and our product
  • Take the time to build your confidence in each of these areas
  • Note strengths and weaknesses as you go through our onboarding program; develop a list of quick wins to improve the experience as well as medium-term opportunities

60 days:

  • Deliver the wins you identified above
  • Review the e-learning part of our onboarding program, noting opportunities and gaps in:
    • Clarity of the learning objectives of each module
    • How the content meets those objectives, including how it caters to different learning styles, effectiveness of knowledge checks, etc
    • How we can make the material more engaging
    • The overall flow of the content – is it telling a consistent, layered story?  

90 days

  • Execute against Phase 1 of the opportunities and gaps identified above
  • Scale our Kickstart bootcamp program for new hires as participant volume is increasing rapidly
  • Working with the team that has managed it to date, lead the effort to move from presentations that are reliant on a regular group of presenters to material that can be delivered by a broader group:
    • Tighten the learning objectives
    • Make sure that we have strong facilitator’s guides for all segments
    • Anticipate common questions and baking them into the content

What you’ll need to be successful:

  • You take great pleasure from the rush of seeing a group of people transformed after participating in your training programs
  • You’re a student of the way people learn - You’ve been experimenting for several years with new ways of delivering engaging content, while keeping the best elements of traditional delivery
  • Your bar for quality is extremely high, and you hold those around you to that standard
  • You enjoy the discipline of complex sales and working in a highly professional sales organization
  • You have built teams, enjoy managing others and know what talent you need to scale a training operation to the level of training 2,000+ people a year
  • You aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty and do the work needed to make our onboarding program as effective as possible - Though it will grow over time, the team is very lean today; you’ll need to be actively engaged in developing material

What you’ll get from us:

We realize exceptional people don’t choose jobs based solely on benefits, but we do our best to make sure that you’re set up for success so you can do your best work. As a Muley, you’ll be based in our downtown Union Square HQ and receive comprehensive health benefits, life insurance, paid parental leave, 401K, equity, and flexible vacation time. Plus the fun stuff, like a fully stocked kitchen, catered lunches, volunteer opportunities, onsite happy hours and free yoga classes, annual rafting trip and offsite activities, and MeetUp, our annual all-company offsite in California. Check out our Life at MuleSoft page to learn more!




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