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Netflix, Los Gatos, California

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The Netflix Design team is searching for a Director of Product Design for our Television & Web team. This role would focus on the quality, leadership, leverage and results of our global initiative to reshape how our members enjoy Netflix’s content on tablets, the web and television. The person we are looking for should possess deep knowledge, and be known for:
• Leading large scale media or communications projects, with a proven track record for measurable results.  
• A strong bias towards unconventional and creative thinking which translates into an actionable vision.
• Working closely with Engineering teams to develop scalable, quality experiences for both high and low bandwidth members.
A bit about our team:
Our user centered design team is responsible for the entirety of the Netflix experience, from the development and curation of the visual merchandising and box art (that our Product Creative team in Hollywood produces and tests) to the rich interaction, visual and motion design (that our Experience Design team in Los Gatos innovates and tests). If you see it, swipe it, scroll it and can play with it, we had something to do with it.   
We pride ourselves on a strong culture of creativity, accountability and experimentation. This means we are focused on doing, not talking, asking, not assuming and providing our Designers, Specialists and Producers with the autonomy and respect they require to develop and test creative solutions for over 100 million subscribers around the world.  
What is a Director of Design at Netflix?
The role of Director on our team may be a bit different from other companies, as we expect our leaders to optimize for being a Coach rather than a Manager, and challenge those around them through context and collaboration. Our Directors are measured by how well they hire teams rich in diverse perspectives, take educated risks to make quality decisions, based on members’ needs, and by their natural curiosity around our business, technology and future.
10 additional traits we are looking for:
1. Members First Mentality: Has a demonstrated track record and is widely known for an unwavering focus on members’ needs.
2. Coach > Manager: A proven collaborator and coach who leads from a mixture of inspiration and hands on experience.
3. Multitimbral: Effortlessly toggles between diverse business needs, and has expertise in prioritizing and focusing on the “right” things, not “everything”.
4. Product Driver: Has developed a set of product first principles which has allowed them to successfully lead performant teams in a fast paced and ever evolving environment.
5. Collaborator: Has a natural curiosity which allows them to effortlessly work with partners to ensure their decisions are well informed and thoughtful.
6. Explorer: Has a natural bias towards how, not why, and is fully invested in our culture of experimentation, and testing.   
7. Multifarious: Specializes increating multi-faceted and diverse teams rich with perspective via mentoring, coaching and hiring. The ability to effortlessly toggle between tastemaker and business leader, providing actionable user centered feedback resulting in delightful products.
8. Evangelist: Is known as their team's biggest advocate, and focuses daily on the coaching and hiring of others that represent our Netflix culture.   
9. Bias to Action: Has the ability to quickly distill and digest high-level ideas into understandable, actionable and directed initiatives.
10. Closer: Knows when and how to quickly drive decisions to ground.  
Additional resources:
Culture:  If you haven't had a chance to read our Culture at Netflix page, please take a moment and check it out, as these are the principals we hold each other accountable to everyday.
YouTube: If you’d like a sneak peek at how our team works, please view our Netflix Design Team video on YouTube.
Twitter: You can check us out on Twitter where we occasionally drop hints of what's coming next, or give a few insights to what's on our minds.

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