Manager, Global Social Marketing - Film

Netflix, Los Angeles, California

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If launching TV seasons with all episodes at once changed the way showrunners create their narratives and fans consume it (bingeing and spoilers), it is now time to imagine a world in which films premiere directly on your personal devices. From your precious 85” Smart TV to your compact mobile phone, your personal access to the best content is currently going through an evolution. 

No matter how sacred you believe the theater experience to be, chances are some of your favorite movies have been experienced in the form of VHS, DVD, Blu-ray or… streaming. Since the inception of Netflix, we’ve heard the same request from users -- more films! 

As our film slate continues to grow, we’re looking for a Social Media Manager to run social exclusively for features. Though TV and Cinema are close in many ways, social campaign dynamics differ between the two. Our candidate should be familiar with these differences and understand why we’re looking to eventize our film launches. In this role, he/she will analyze each film and come up with the right social campaign for each individual title. 

Our candidate will follow all projects from start to finish, beginning with project announcements, moving through the production process, launch and beyond. Our ideal candidate will remember through it all that Netflix is a global company, and no matter the nationality, film buffs around the world crave an opportunity to engage in a passionate conversation and have their voices be heard --our job is to encourage and foster those discussions.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Has a creative disposition. This is first and foremost a creative job. Our candidate works directly with agencies, and is responsible for the creative output on a given social campaign. 
  • Knows the importance of diving into the communities in search of data, insights and community management opportunities. 
  • Is not only passionate about films, but is interested in the industry itself. 
  • Is eager to experiment, innovate, and understands that mistakes along the way are a normal occurrence when aiming high. 
  • Is strategic and knows how to prioritize his or her efforts. Starting a page on Facebook is easy but not necessarily the best course of action depending on the title and its target audience. We need someone who knows how to eventize film launches. A thousand likes per post pales in comparison to a hundred thousand shares, earned media, and creating a cultural moment.
  • Is mature and confident when working with executives, filmmakers and talent. 
  • Has a collaborative nature and understands what’s best for each title, and ultimately has Netflix’s best interests top of mind. The average consumer doesn’t know or care about what comes from Marketing, PR or Social. We expect our candidate to be selfless, putting the title and the big ideas first, no matter who gets to execute them.
  • Has a minimum of 5 years experience working in social media marketing or related disciplines. If the candidate has experience working on film campaigns, that’s a good thing but is in no way a prerequisite. 

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