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Netflix, Tokyo, Japan

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It’s not often there’s an opportunity to join a company that is changing consumer habits all over the world, and challenging an entire industry at the same time. The Editorial Manager role at Netflix will be a thought leader in creating culture and building fandoms around the Netflix brand through impactful strategies in Japan. 

This person is constantly consuming the news, has an ear to the ground and is acutely aware of the trends in the Japanese media landscape. Understanding the local market nuances, our broad Netflix business goals and local social behaviour will be key areas of expertise needed to lay out what it will take to win the word of mouth game in one of our growth markets. 

As a member of our lean and agile team, the successful manager is fluent in the language of 140 (or 280) characters, equally able to set word-of-mouth driven brand marketing strategy, develop tone of voice, write a script or produce a major campaign.

If you’re the kind of person who is fascinated by brand building, keeps a logo design book on the coffee table, follows the tech stocks, and loves TV and movies, then perhaps you’ll take the crown.

Is this you?  Great. Keep reading.

This is a strategic role. We are not looking for someone to lead the department of cool stuff for no good reason. This is not a community management role. You will lock arms with Marketing, PR, Content, Analytics, Product and Insight partners to build our brand, drive conversation and create relevance for the Netflix brand in Japan. We are looking for a marketer who is not afraid to lean in to risk, take initiative and make big bets.  

To excel in this environment, you must be independently minded, have a well-informed point of view on new consumer behaviors emerging everyday, the ability to analyze large volumes of information, impeccable creative taste, and a strong instinct for stories that will get fans talking about Netflix and our shows more passionately and more frequently than ever before in Japan. 

The successful candidate for this position will likely have a minimum of seven years experience working in-house, at an agency or another company, and proven experience building strategic editorial plans and generating campaigns that earn word of mouth. They will demonstrate the desire to work in a newsroom-style environment that requires quick thinking, great calm and a good sense of humor. Fluency in Japanese language and deep knowledge of Japan and the Japanese consumer is a must.

The Netflix culture attracts daredevils who exhibit good judgment, innovation, selflessness, courage, impact, candid communication, passion, and intellectual curiosity. Read the culture memo to learn what it’s actually like working for Netflix.

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