Head of Product

Nobul, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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We believe that great design starts from the customer out and that when an outstanding user experience meets flawless execution, businesses win. Hence, as you probably already realize (just from reading this opening line), customer-centricity, analytically-driven decision making and subsequently, this role, are all really, really, really important to us.
Since we are a relatively young company (full of great ideas and some kick-ass early products but also limited headcount), the chosen candidate will have a chance (and the enormous responsibility) to shape both the vision and reality of our service offerings. In return, we will accept nothing less than an individual armed with both world-class talent and skills.
Specifically, the Head of Product will be responsible for translating our customer insights / feedback, market intelligence and business strategy into a long-term roadmap (portfolio) and manageable epics (projects) that can be led and executed upon – each and every day – by our world-class Product Design and Engineering Development teams. Hence, in order to be successful, the candidate will need to be capable of interpreting research and market intelligence, and then determining how best to incorporate the most relevant insights, customer needs and understanding of human behaviour into clever yet nimble web + mobile based services. While, we believe in facts but also acknowledge that our customers are human, so our Head of Product will need to be someone who thinks with both their left (head) and right brain (heart).
Ideally, our Head of Product will come armed with some programming skills but, it is far more important that they understand how to effectively communicate and work with software developers than to be able write any actual code themselves. Experience in agile development environments will be highly-valued regardless. Further, the ability to clearly articulate ideas and to persuade / motivate a wide range of audiences (from executives through call centre personnel) will be essential. Ultimately however, success will be measured by the individual’s willingness and ability to do the “right” thing for our all of customers (consumers and industry professionals) and stakeholders (internal, investors and communities of interest) alike.
Nobul is a growth-stage company that believes in getting things done, so the Head of Product should be both capable of both leading / managing a team of Product Managers, UX/UI leads and Business Analysts, and capable of acting as a primary performer whenever necessary. Ultimately, the Head of Product will have the opportunity to grow, shape and build their team as the business grows.

Key Responsibilities

  • Collaboratively working with Customer Insights & Research to continuously refine our market landscape, define our segments, personas and strategy
  • Owning the long (6-24 month) and mid-term (2-6 month) product roadmaps
  • Leading (often through example) a team of Product Managers, UX/UI leads and Business Analysts:
  • Proposing and prioritizing new, revised and evolutionary features and services
  • Generating and documenting product requirements/specs through development, staging and production while keeping stakeholders apprised
  • Taking responsibility for delivery (quality, timelines and budgets) by working side side-by-side with developers to ensure that implementation is aligned with strategy and consistent with customer expectations, best practices, etc.
  • Balancing difficult decisions/trade-offs surrounding new features, bug fixes, etc.
  • Tracking product usage, analyzing the results and drawing insights that can be incorporated into future iterations and designs
  • Staying on top of consumer/market trends and competitors
  • Acting on feedback from sales and service teams to ensure continuous improvement
  • Coaching, mentoring and providing guidance to the Product Managers to not improve their decision-making and output but also to set them up for success as future Heads of Product themselves
  • Overall product usage and conversion rates
  • competitive market performance vs. peers

Expectations (Education and Experience)

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in business, engineering or industrial design
  • Min. 6-8 years experience working in either a product management, insights or CX role with a strong preference for someone coming from a SaaS growth company, strategic management consultancy, financial services or consumer technology background
  • Knowledge of the real estate market would be highly valued
  • Experience with both B2C and B2B markets preferred
  • Candidates must be comfortable with ambiguity / working with messy data sets / facts
  • Candidates should embrace diversity / working with a wide range of team members
  • High proficiency with agile / innovation methods and office productivity will be essential
  • The ability to use analytic and design tools will be highly-valued
  • Comfort and experience “speaking code” / understanding data / software would be ideal
  • Must be capable of leading, developing strategy and getting “hands on” in the same day
  • Strong voice with a defined perspective (grounded in facts and empathy) and a willingness to advocate for “what is right” and in the best interest of customers

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

  • Self-starter with insatiable curiosity, an exceptional work ethic and an attention to detail
  • High EQ and IQ with a deep passion for customers, services and design
  • The ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously and effectively
  • A storyteller who can translate insights / complex ideas into inspiration / motivation
  • Can both see the patterns in numbers… where they exist and yet also call out when the shapes in the sky are just clouds
  • An effective listener who can also influence others using facts, intuition and empathy
  • Fun.  We really mean this part.  Seriously fun.
Nobul Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Nobul welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities.
Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

About Nobul

Nobul is the peak of an international quest to evolve the experience of buying and selling. A modern fixture designed to disrupt, Nobul is setting a new standard in real estate. It began from a passion to create an experience that both agents and consumers would want to have — an app that would combine the easy, streamlined feeling of an all-in-one app done right; a place that would feel respectable to people seeking a new sense of real estate. The Nobul experience is multi-faceted and immersive. A wide array of qualification tools means users can have the most powerful real estate experience in town without ever feeling vulnerable to misjudgement. Both agents and clients will be hard-pressed to find just one way that Nobul has changed the real estate game. They’ll also feel eager to get back in and play as soon as they can. By flipping the script and opening a door to new possibilities, Nobul is redefining what buying and selling real estate means for everyone.


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