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OfferPad launched in 2015 with a simple goal: Use our decades of experience to provide a better way for homeowners to sell their homes. Make the process dramatically more efficient. Make it hassle-free. Be ready to move as fast as homeowners need. And of course, do it all online. Welcome to real estate reinvented. Welcome to OfferPad. Click. Sold. Move. Our Founders' Story The real estate agents who founded OfferPad After years of working in various real estate endeavors independently, Brian Bair and Jerry Coleman teamed up in 2009. Since that time, the innovative duo combined to buy and sell tens of thousands of homes across the U.S. The industry knowledge they have gained along the journey, provides them unique insight into what homeowners need today. Brian and Jerry launched OfferPad in 2015 to empower homeowners. Providing convenience, control, freedom and certainty when it's time to sell. Since launch, thousands of homeowners have been given the ability to request, receive and accept a competitive purchase offer from OfferPad — all online — any day they choose.

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