Principal, Reimagining Capitalism

Omidyar Network, Washington, D.C.



About Omidyar Network:

Omidyar Network is a philanthropic investment firm dedicated to harnessing the power of markets to create opportunity for people to improve their lives. Established in 2004 by philanthropists Pam and Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay, the organization has committed more than $1 billion to innovative for-profit companies and non-profit organizations to catalyze economic and social change. To learn more, visit www.omidyar.com, and follow on Twitter @omidyarnetwork.

About the Reimagining Capitalism Team:

Capitalism and markets have delivered broad benefits to individuals and to society, but without the right guardrails in place, they produce serious inequities and profound negative consequences. The Reimagining Capitalism team seeks to build a more equitable, inclusive economy that rebalances the social contract between business, government, and the individual. We are passionate about issues such as shifting ideas and narratives about the economy, building greater power and voice for workers, and supporting high quality jobs. Our initial focus for this work is the United States, with a longer-term goal of taking a more global view. You can read more about our current focus areas here: https://www.omidyar.com/reimagining-capitalism.

Position Summary:

We are looking for a creative and curious Principal to join the Reimagining Capitalism team based in Washington D.C. You will help develop the team’s overall strategy and achievement of our goals, and will drive our strategy, portfolio investments, and learning in one or more focus areas. The Principal will report to a Director of the Reimagining Capitalism team and may have management responsibilities for RC colleagues as well as external consultants. We look forward to learning about your experience and how you might be a great fit for this opportunity!

How you’ll contribute to our impact:

The core responsibilities of our Principal role for the Reimagining Capitalism team will include 1) Strategy and research, 2) Portfolio development and management, and 3) Network-building and advocacy. You'll help us to do the following:

  • Develop great ideas, discover and assess opportunities, and use excellent judgment to help us decide where to put our time and resources toward having impact.
  • Conduct research and engage partners to better diagnose complex problems, identify potential solutions, and assess strategic fit
  • Source and manage grants and investments through their full lifecycle, and help the firm and the field learn from this work.
  • Build out a pipeline of potential organizations and activities to support in order to advance our impact goals and conduct due diligence on potential investments
  • Scope, develop and execute grants, contracts, and investments, working in partnership with the ON legal and finance teams
  • Lead ongoing relationships with partner organizations and funders, and identify ways ON can collaborate with them and add to their work
  • Build out our networks in the policy and political arena – including with Capitol Hill, the Executive Branch, and state or local governments
  • Identify public policies that can advance a more inclusive economy, and develop influence approaches which can support these policies

What you'll bring to the team:

  • At least 5 years related professional experience, such as philanthropy, economics, policy development and advocacy, lobbying, politics and campaigns. Bonus points for direct experience working on policy development, advocacy and implementation – either in legislature, relevant roles in executive branch organizations, or in policy advocacy organizations.
  • Expertise in at least one of our focus areas: labor / worker organizing, corporate governance, financial sector reform, grassroots organizing and advocacy, or other areas of economic policy (e.g. tax, social protection programs).
  • Strong networks and professional relationships in relevant fields and ability to quickly establish trust and credibility, forge and maintain close relationships, and work together to build alignment and shared objectives
  • Passion for tackling complex problems, and applying systems thinking to identify pathways for social change
  • Strong focus on execution – an ability to translate a systems-level strategy into an actionable program of work
  • Compelling communication skills, with outstanding writing and speaking skills
  • Strong interest in experimenting with new approaches and eager to learn from mistakes
  • Willingness to understand issues from various perspectives, and a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

Application Instructions: 

Please include a resume and, in lieu of a cover letter, your response to the following prompt (no more than 500 words): Talk about a major policy problem in the US economy and please propose a solution. You can upload your response where our online application says Short Answer Question.


At Omidyar Network, diversity, equity, and inclusion are directly aligned with our fundamental belief that people are inherently capable, but they often lack opportunity. We know that a diverse workforce allows us to see problems in more nuanced ways, creating the thought leadership needed to have outsized positive returns on the world. We actively recruit, develop, and retain the most talented people from a diverse candidate pool. Omidyar Network is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes people from all experiences, abilities, and perspectives to apply.

About Omidyar Network

WHO WE ARE At Omidyar Network, we start from a fundamental belief: People are inherently capable, but they often lack opportunity. We believe if we invest in people, through opportunity, they will create positive returns for themselves, their families, and the world at large. We also believe that businesses can be a powerful force for good. Pierre Omidyar experienced this firsthand as the founder of eBay. Just as eBay created the opportunity for millions of people to start their own businesses, we believe market forces can be a potent driver for positive social change. That’s why we invest in both for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations, whose complementary roles can advance entire sectors. Starting from the premise that people are basically good, Pierre created a platform that gave everyone equal access to information, opportunity, and the tools to pursue their goals. Omidyar Network invests in entrepreneurs who share our commitment to advancing social good at the pace and scale the world needs today. We are focused on five key areas we believe are building blocks for prosperous, stable, and open societies: Education, Emerging Tech, Financial Inclusion, Governance & Citizen Engagement, and Property Rights. We take calculated risks in the earliest stages of innovation, helping to transform promising ideas into successful ventures. As an active impact investor, we offer more than just financial support. We provide vital human capital capabilities, from serving on boards to consulting on strategy, coaching executives to recruiting new talent. We connect promising investees to entrepreneurial visionaries with business know-how. We also leverage the tremendous capacity of Web and mobile technologies to go beyond incremental improvement and make a significant, widespread impact. Understanding the scale and importance of this work, we don’t undertake the challenge alone. The most powerful force for change lies in our connection with others: business, government, nonprofits, and individual partners. Together, we can use our resources to transform scarcity into abundance and put enduring opportunity within reach of more people worldwide.

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