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Content Curation Specialist Job Description

Elearning Superstar Needed Today

While it appears to most people that we just sell training courses (over 20,000 of them), what we really offer is the opportunity for companies to upgrade the skills of each of their employees. In fact, we have a number of strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 companies who rely on our training programs to train their customers on how to better use their complex products.

We are a hard working group of problem solvers who are committed to helping our customers develop the most productive and admired workforces. We become heroes to them when we do this well. Having a high quality catalog expertly curated is critical to this effort.

This role is a gateway to the world of online training and the perfect job for someone who wants a career in Account Management. On a day-to-day basis, you will be recruiting new content publishers with high-quality courses, working with your existing accounts to update their offerings, and assisting our sales team, customers, and prospects in recommending solutions. You will use existing skills and learn new ones to take a metrics-driven approach to optimizing and reporting on our product offering. We are looking for juggler who loves having multiple balls in play and rarely if ever drops them.

Once you have all of this figured out we’ll then ask you to make the entire department even better. If becoming a superstar is on your list of near-term goals, this may be the perfect position for you.

  • We have 20,000+ training courses on the shelf getting ready to fly off.
  • You will work closely with business partners to identify opportunities to address business challenges, gain new insights to drive business growth, and improve customer and training outcomes/recommendations.
  • You will collaborate with the sales and customer success teams at OpenSesame to help solution the right offering for our customers.
  • You will make training recommendations to our customers and their end users.
  • You will work closely with our content publishers to keep up-to-date with their latest content offerings.
  • You will help keep our catalog up to date and accurate with the latest course metadata.


  • Bachelor of Science degree business, or a related discipline
  • 2-4 Years experience in account management, product management or related field
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, verbal, and written skills
  • Basic understanding of databases
  • A general understanding of safety and HR compliance training a strong plus
  • Industry experience in working with training and HR related data sets is a plus

Applicants for this position must be able to work in Portland, OR Des Moines, Iowa.


About OpenSesame

What We Do OpenSesame makes buying and selling elearning courses as easy as downloading a song from iTunes. Preview courses, read reviews and research sellers in our marketplace. Buy courses with no subscriptions or long-term commitments and use them instantly in any Learning Management System (LMS). Let us do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on choosing the best courses for your employees. Why We Do It We enjoy simplifying processes and making systems better. It’s what excites us and keeps us energized. While running an LMS for the trade industry, we were frustrated by the lack of compelling content and grueling sales process to gain access to courses. We recognized the innovative techniques being used in the digital media realm and realized a similar process could be used to empower businesses to create a custom course catalog for their employee development. Since our launch in July 2011, we’ve focused on building out our content with the goal to be the largest marketplace for online training courses. How we’re different. We value transparency and simplicity in order to provide a fantastic customer experience. Buyers can personalize their interaction either through browsing our extensive listing of courses online or interacting with one of our content specialists to custom build their training catalog. Sellers can stick with the LMS they know best and can rest easy knowing their material is protected. At OpenSesame, we measure our success based on the ease and speed of your experience.

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