Associate Software Engineer

OpenSesame, Portland

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As an Associate Software Engineer you will work to improve your technical ability while helping the team on a broad range of engineering tasks. This is a growth-focused position requiring the following:

  • technical passion for software engineering
  • demonstrable aptitude for coding
  • team player
  • top notch learning ability
  • personal tenacity

As a junior engineer you will participate in our agile process while working on a wide range of engineering tasks. The Associate Software Engineer will be expected to:

    • Fix test failures.
    • Show proficiency in two of the programming languages we use.
    • Show proficiency in two of the testing frameworks we use: PHPUnit, NUnit, Jasmine, PyUnit.
    • Organize code into clear, cohesive abstractions.
    • Understand build systems like Jenkins and CircleCI.
    • Write new tests and add tests to cover gaps in testing without outside assistance.
    • Analyze the security aspects of a feature.
    • Demonstrate competency in writing and debugging database queries.
    • Design and tune database tables.
    • Add internal documentation to our wiki about a feature set that you encounter.
    • Demonstrate domain proficiency by designing and championing a change to a set of features to implement new functionality.
    • Manage a production releases without assistance (although always with backup).
    • Contribute to support, managing most tasks without help.
    • Demonstrate trust by raising issues with stories as soon as possible.
    • Demonstrate pace by consistently meeting team story estimates.
    • Keep team and manager aware of when things are not going as planned and why you think this is.
    • Master and contribute to the feature planning process.
    • Commit to team decisions even if they are not your ideas.
    • Independently suggest solutions for problems and give advantages and disadvantages to the options you lay out.
    • Receive and internalize feedback constructively.
    • Independently identify the root cause of problems.
    • Demonstrate persistence by sticking with a problem, even when others do not have suggestions, find a way.

The ideal candidate for this position will be:

  • Familiar with one or more of the following languages C#, PHP, python, typescript
  • Be familiar with the concepts of TDD and Agile
  • Have experience, at least in school, working on teams to achieve non-trivial results.
  • Be hungry to learn the full stack of a modern web application.
  • Have a Bachelors in Computer Science or code camp degree or able to prove work equivalent.

If you are ready to teach and learn every day, come join our team.

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