Director of Engineering

Originate, New York

A digital product development and venture firm

Originate is passionate about innovation. We bring together exceptional engineers, product managers, and designers to create groundbreaking digital products for our partners.

As Director of Engineering, you are responsible for managing a team of 10-15 software engineers, providing personal mentoring, continuing to build a great team, and creating an inspiring atmosphere in the office.

We work in small, fast-paced, cross-functional agile teams to rapidly deliver product designs, prototypes, and production systems to market - and ultimately look to build an ongoing portfolio of products that we operate and evolve long-term.


Our Tech Environment

We try to stay technology agnostic and use the best tool for the job, but maintain a set of go-to technologies that have proven themselves.  

New products are primarily built using React and Redux bundled with Webpack. Our backends are primarily Scala, Node.js, Rails, and Go with Swagger to document the APIs. Mobile development is both iOS and Android.

Software is packaged with Docker and continuously deployed with CircleCI to AWS and/or DC/OS. We leverage open source components such as Cassandra, Spark, Kafka, and PostgresSQL for our data pipeline. Infrastructure is managed using Ansible and Terraform and is monitored with Datadog.

You’ll find individuals hacking with everything else (Haskell, Clojure, Elixir, Idris, etc...) and we’re always ready to use a new language or a new framework when it’s ready or when a project dictates.


What Makes us Different

  • Our success is built upon our amazing team. You will work with smart, creative, and humble people that are passionate about creating products that meet customer needs and solving problems through collaboration and innovative thinking.
  • We employ the latest innovations in technology to solve challenging problems in a variety of industries. You will be tasked with learning new skill sets required for designing and building products in rapidly changing fields, such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Virtual Reality.
  • We value your passions and interests. At Originate, 20% of your company time you can work on your own side-project/startup no strings attached; read more here.
  • We believe in partnership and the power of shared outcomes. Through our Profit Sharing Program, you can share in 50% of Originate’s global profit.
  • We offer a flexible schedule and an open vacation policy.
  • We have a consistent and fair process for doing performance reviews and promotions, with a well-documented career ladder.
  • We’re mom, dad, and family-friendly - we like to see people in the office as much as possible, but we’re extremely flexible about working from home and taking time to manage family responsibilities.
  • We place a high value on an inclusive, diverse working environment - we have a “People @ Originate” group dedicated to brainstorming improvements and informing leadership around how we can continuously grow and improve.



  • You will work closely with our sales team to provide recommendations around technical feasibility in early sales conversations and provide high-level leadership to guide the delivery of new projects to successful completion from an engineering perspective.
  • A portion of your time will be spent in a billable role on projects - you’ll work side-by-side with our Tech Leads and more junior engineers, training them through pull requests, pairing, testing, etc.
  • You’ll leverage our Engineering Matrix to develop individual high-growth career plans for engineers reporting to you and work with our corporate leadership to improve and evolve engineering at Originate.



  • At least 2 years of experience managing a team (5-20 engineers) and leading projects.
  • 6+ years of recent production experience in at least one (and ideally several) of our core technologies (Scala, Node.js, Rails, Haskell, Javascript, iOS, Android).
  • Experience with functional programming and/or the following is a strong plus: Haskell, OCaml, Clojure, Erlang
  • Consulting or client-facing software development experience preferred.
  • BS in Computer Science, Math, EE, or other applicable degrees.



About Originate

A digital product development and venture firm—designing, building, operating, and investing in transformational software products.

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