Wellness Nurse Practitioner

OurHealth, Philadelphia, PA

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Who is OurHealth?

OurHealth is a team of people dedicated to transforming healthcare by providing employer-sponsored primary care clinics focused on the best patient care.  We are partners in working for total well-being through thorough appointments, dedicated health coaching and a strong referral network.  We are passionate about our patients, and it shows! Learn more at www.ourhealth.org.      

Our mission is to transform the patient experience by providing convenient access to quality healthcare to improve the overall wellness and lower health-related costs for our clients and their employees.

Our vision is to revolutionize healthcare delivery through the creation of a patient-centric wellness approach that leads to healthier people, more affordable healthcare services, more competitive corporate partners, and more vibrant communities in the places in which we work. 

What does OurHealth offer its employees?

  • The ability to collaborate with a team of providers to directly impact patients
  • A strong focus on wellness and preventative care
  • Work-life balance with day shift schedules
  • 401(k) participation with a company match
  • Usage of the clinic for free!
  • More time with patients and less time with paperwork
  • A patient-focused primary care model
  • A provider-led environment
  • Malpractice insurance 100% covered

A Wellness Nurse Practitioner at OurHealth will do the following on a regular basis:

  • Provide exceptional patient care including diagnosis, evaluation, guidance, and treatment within scope of practice, experience, and knowledge base
  • Provide annual physicals, wellness and education, acute care, management of chronic conditions, lab testing, value based referrals, and medication dispensing
  • Effectively use readiness assessment, motivational interviewing, goal setting, appreciative inquiry and barrier resolution techniques to assist participants in developing individualized plans for successful behavior change
  • Interpret health risk assessment, biometric screening or previous provider visit results as a basis for future visits
  • Understand how to work with individuals on primary, secondary or tertiary prevention education strategies using research proven information
  • Conduct health coaching sessions in a variety of formats (i.e., one-to-one, telephonic, group and lunch and learns)
  • Under the leadership of the Medical Director, provide guidance to the clinic.
  • Maintain consistent and accurate provider documentation for reporting purposes.
  • Appropriately document health coaching sessions and assist with data management as needed
  • Collaborate with clinical staff in designated clinics to create a team approach to healthcare
  • Participate in successful outreach to engage participants in health coaching, group behavior change programs, and/or clinic services

A Wellness Nurse Practitioner at OurHealth may be asked to assist in nursing duties that include, but are not limited to:

  • Schedule and triage patients electronically, telephonically, and/or in person
  • Room patients and complete their work-ups (vitals, history gathering, phlebotomy, communication of care-plan/s, and coordination of follow-up)
  • Provide front office support by welcoming patients to the clinic, obtaining consents, ensuring appropriate medical history has been obtained and entered prior to the visit
  • Implement orders concerning patient care in a competent and safe manner. These duties include but are not limited to phlebotomy, EKGs, POC testing, spirometry, patient teaching, medication dispensing (under a provider’s orders/direct supervision), vital signs, follow up care instructions, notification of test results, referrals to both specialty care and diagnostic care, etc.
  • Coordinate clinical follow up/s including scheduling appointments, labs, referrals, etc.
  • Work with computers, web-browser technology, and EMR systems
  • Foster a team environment with support staff
  • Track wellness incentives

A successful Wellness Nurse Practitioner at OurHealth will have the following:

  • Active credentials/licensure as a Nurse Practitioner
  • A minimum of two years’ experience in a family practice or primary care setting
  • A commitment to OurHealth’s mission
  • A concierge-level of customer service with the patients at all times during an appointment and afterwards
  • Team-oriented attitude
  • Experience working with an EMR system
  • Ability to maintain appropriate licensure and certification, including CME requirements
  • Ability to exhibit self-awareness and knowledge of your limits
  • Ability to occasionally lift 10-20 pounds
  • Sufficient vision acuity for routine computer use
  • Ability to walk, sit, or stand at moderate levels
  • Competency with basic use of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office applications
  • Ability to sit at a computer or interact telephonically or in person for 8 hours at a time
  • Solid communication skills: written, verbal, and listening
  • Effective time-management skills and ability to successfully manage and complete a variety of tasks
  • Willingness to be flexible with changing job assignments, as the business’ needs change

About OurHealth

Why OurHealth? OurHealth co-founders Ben Evans and Dr. Jeff Wells created a company with a unique vision to revolutionize healthcare delivery through a patient-centric wellness approach leading to healthier people and more affordable health services. Our dedicated team delivers results and raises the bar for a superior consumer healthcare experience. Our unique consumer focus allows us to customize the best solution for our clients, maximizing client cost savings. OurHealth has no ownership or affiliation with any hospital, insurance company or other established healthcare provider allowing for flexibility in solutions for our clients. OurHealth provides dedicated client engagement teams focusing on service excellence and communication. Clinic staffing, on-boarding and training are focused on best practices and needs in the local market. Along with a unique client focus to customize the best solution for the client, OurHealth provides timely and actionable reporting to help support and motivate clinic use to maximize the client’s cost-savings.

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