Senior Full Stack Engineer (Automation)

PatientPop, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


PatientPop is a healthcare technology company that helps practices thrive with an all in one practice growth solution. Our platform empowers practices to promote themselves online, attract patients, and retain them for life. We improve every digital touchpoint along the patient journey, so patients can easily find and choose a practice, and become their advocate. We also improve every aspect of a practice’s online presence to help them attract the right patients to their services, and keep them coming back.

We've helped thousands of providers since our founding in 2014. Along the way, we cultivated an incredible work environment — one of the best, according to Great Place to Work


What you will work on here at Patient Pop: 

  • Implementing delightful and responsive designs across the customer portal
  • Creating reusable core components
  • Implementing ECS and Serverless core microservices
  • Optimizing sales and customer service processes
  • Improving testing strategies and tools
  • Implementing an intelligent content scraper to speedup and improve customer onboarding experience

Our tech stack:

  • Language: Python 3, Node.js, ES6
  • Infrastructure: AWS
  • Framework: Flask, Vue.js
  • Database: Postgres, Elasticsearch, Dynamo
  • Events: Kinesis, SQS, SNS
  • Service: ECS, Lambda

Skills that will help you be successful in this role:

  • 7+ years’ experience as a software engineer
  • Experience with Python or Java using frameworks like Spring or Django
  • Experience with Javascript using functional frameworks like React.js or Vue.js
  • Experience with event-driven technologies (Kafka, kinesis, SQS, ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ)
  • Experience with relational (MySQL, Postgres) and nonrelational (Redis, Dynamo, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Hbase)
  • Experience with a shared component design using controller-based patterns
  • Experience with Microservices and scalable object-oriented RESTFUL web services
  • Comfortable with Test Driven Development (TDD) and Agile environments
  • Team-oriented and collaborative, capacity to mentor junior team members
  • Leadership ability, excellent written and verbal English skills.

About You:

  • You’re curious, love to learn and to dig into new technologies, and can pick them up quickly
  • You demonstrate strong technical architecture and platform engineering skills along with the ability to switch between technology paradigms.
  • You’re a go-getter and seek ownership of projects with the demonstrated ability to deliver results.
  • You love working with some of the best world class engineers, product managers and architects.
  • You strive to excel, innovate and take pride in your work


About PatientPop

Our story Founded in 2014, PatientPop was conceived with one simple goal in mind: Help practices grow automatically. We understand the challenges doctors face simply focusing on patient care and running their practice. Many practices don’t have the dedicated resources, tools, and time it takes to build a comprehensive marketing solution to help grow their business. PatientPop is the first growth-focused marketing platform that accelerates new patient growth by automating practice marketing and eliminating the need for dedicated marketing resources.

Want to learn more about PatientPop? Visit PatientPop's website.