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Paytm Labs, Noida

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Brief Description
Our Growth Lead is the fuel that keeps this success story called Paytm moving – and always miles ahead of others.
If you’re our Growth Lead, you’re the livewire of the team, the energetic one who can never keep still because that’s the speed at which businesses grow and data changes.

-Our Growth lead will know exactly how to push the right buttons on the business to take it forward with the speed required.
-They understand the consumer’s mindset and keep a strong hold on consumer pulse to understand what’s the right campaign to push.
-They’re the champions of research and data and there’s nothing about latest industry trends that they won’t know - from what are the correct marketing constructs to owning the best methods of driving traffic, conversion on the platform for the business.
-Acquisition and Retention through focussed programs across all digital channels and offline initiatives
-Expertise in decoding user behavior and defining journeys based on that to upscale digital penetration of the business
-Designing Marketing Campaigns and communication for improved sales funnel/conversion
-Monitoring user funnel and product enhancements and owning competitor assessments are child’s play for our Growth Lead.

Perks? You’ll be in a role that everyone aspires to, for its digital value, and you’ll have the leverage of all the cutting edge solutions provided by our Digital Marketing team.

Other skills & Qualities:
-Ability to own things end to end
-Strong analytical and technical skills
-Proficient in English and writing marketing content
-Ability to learn things quickly & execute them at a rapid pace
-Ability to manage cross-functional relationships within Paytm
-Ability to query data and automate stuff using any scripting language

About Paytm Labs

About us Paytm Labs builds technologies that power Paytm, the world's fastest growing mobile payments and commerce ecosystem. We use our skills, and our biggest asset - data, to make our little dent in this universe. We make commerce smoother, safer, and personal. Learn more about us at http://www.paytmlabs.com/.

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