Senior Product Manager

Periscope Data, San Francisco

We Help Data Teams Do More


Periscope Data is the unified, collaborative data platform for professional data teams. We are rapidly transitioning from a power tool for data scientists to a platform companies use to make data-driven decisions. We're expanding the product footprint into an underserved technical community and our next PM will play a critical part in the growth of our platform. You will have primary responsibility for defining and delivering the product roadmap.


Periscope is a customer-centric company. We meet with customers on a regular basis and our product is heavily influenced by what we learn. We also have an incredible 99.5% customer retention rate and deeply passionate end users.

That customer-centric attitude starts at the top. Our co-founders have product backgrounds at Google and Microsoft. Before we hired a support team, they answered emails and live chats from customers to collect feedback while helping them to use the product. That hands-on, highly engaged spirit exists at all levels of Periscope and informs all of our choices and actions.

Our team builds the product that over 900 companies depend on to make decisions. Join as our next PM and be responsible for identifying product opportunities and driving them to outcomes that delight our customers!


In your first 30 days, you'll spend most of your time ramping up on the product and our processes. You'll...

  • Get familiar with the different kinds of customers, and how they each use the product.
  • Work with the Sales, Marketing, and Solutions teams to see how they explain Periscope to customers.
  • Deliver a new capability in the product, in collaboration with Design, Engineering, Solutions, and Marketing, from initial requirement through ship announcement.

By day 60, you'll begin to specialize in an area of the product, gaining the expertise, confidence, and respect necessary to deliver value to customers. You'll...

  • Interview users, customers and prospects to understand their use cases and identify their pain points.
  • As product owner help one or more feature teams prioritize, design, and successfully ship multiple improvements.
  • Develop processes that improve team efficiency and ensure the best outcomes for customers.

By day 90, you'll know the product and its users, and can identify and ship lasting improvements for customers. You'll...

  • Be an expert in your area of the product. The team inherently trusts you to make the right product decisions.
  • Lead discussions and drive decisions around product, business KPIs, and strategy as it relates to your area of the product.
  • Expand your influence across the company, driving process and improvements where appropriate.


  • You are a seasoned product manager with at least 3 years of experience building B2B products and a track record of shipping V1s and V2s.
  • You are rigorous in collecting evidence and testing hypotheses - you use data, not rhetoric, to make decisions and communicate your strategy
  • Your empathy for customers is overwhelming - and you have the relationships with end users to prove it. You've run user studies, and built and rebuilt flows until feedback showed that they were just right.
  • You can define priorities and lead feature teams to rapidly deliver customer value. You're experienced with multiple strategies to organize and run projects, and know when to apply each.
  • You are more than just tech-savvy - you have worked professionally as a software developer, engineer, or data analyst and you can demonstrate familiarity with scripting and coding environments.


  • We're a kind, curious, tight-knit bunch. We eat together, toast our shared accomplishments together, and often spend holidays and ski trips together.
  • We are on-boarding rapidly! The team grew from 20 to 69 in 2016, and will grow to 140 and beyond in 2017.
  • We believe strongly in a data-driven approach to all that we do. We're constantly measuring and optimizing everything about the business.
  • We have close relationships with our customers. We see customers several times a month, and email with them several times a week.

About Periscope Data

Periscope Data brings data teams and their stakeholders onto a single, unified platform. Our platform gives data professionals full control over the analytics lifecycle — including ingestion, storage, analysis, visualization and reporting — and non-technical users the ability to drill down into the data to quickly answer questions. With Periscope Data, teams can move faster, make better decisions, and support successful business outcomes. We’re here to create a more data-driven world, where everyone can understand and unlock the full potential of their data.

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