Data Analytics Intern

Piggy, Bengaluru, India

Next generation investment platform for everyone.

Piggy - Investment App for Indians

We are democratising finance and financial advice, bringing it within reach of millions of Indians. Like in most pressing problems in India, there has always been great success in solving them through strong initiative and really smart technology. Piggy is a step in that direction where every Indian will have the power to plan for their financial future and in turn be a step closer to achieving their goals and aspirations.

This is a challenging problem that will require a collective of brilliant individuals with a strong vision of creating an impact,  working as team to solve it. We are looking for such exceptional individuals. We put customer experience and great product design at the heart of everything we do. We are looking for people who also believe in the same.

Our vision is shared by Y Combinator, our investor,  which is one of the foremost accelerators in the world.

We look forward for you to be a part of our exciting journey in creating a lasting impact on millions of people.

Who you are:
A data nerd - you are highly comfortable with basic languages (SQL, Python...) and highly rigorous on your work 
A business-drive person - you hate building models and dashboard without understanding the needs of the business 
A people person - you can easily talk, understand and help anyone in the company 
A pragmatic problem solver: Can you take a complex problem, break it down in simple components, think big but start simple? 
A structured and autonomous worker 
A communicator: Can you interact with product, engineers, customer success in a simple and succinct way? 
A Problem-solver - you have a bias for action and are quick to come up with solutions


  • Ideally specialty in Business and Engineering (or CS) 
  • Internship: Available for 6 months 
  • Experience or willing to work in a startup or other fast-paced environment 
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills 
  • Experience in Engineering space, a plus

About Piggy

Experience an easy way to make Investments in Mutual funds in India. Easiest platform to make mutual fund investments in India. Because you need to make Investments, be it just to park your cash short term to earn better returns, or to invest for your goals or retirement, we've made an easy to use platform for you where you can invest in any fund in India in few clicks and have track your existing investments. Furthermore , you make investments without paying any middlemen commissions and make more returns . After all, It is your money. Don't pay too much to others when you can do it on your own.


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