Product Marketer

Piggy, Bengaluru, India

Next generation investment platform for everyone.

Duration: Full-Time

Piggy - Investment App for Indians

We are democratising finance and financial advice, bringing it within reach of millions of Indians. Like in most pressing problems in India, there has always been great success in solving them through strong initiative and really smart technology. Piggy is a step in that direction where every Indian will have the power to plan for their financial future and in turn be a step closer to achieving their goals and aspirations.

This is a challenging problem that will require a collective of brilliant individuals with a strong vision of creating an impact,  working as team to solve it. We are looking for such exceptional individuals. We put customer experience and great product design at the heart of everything we do. We are looking for people who also believe in the same.

Our vision is shared by Y Combinator, our investor,  which is one of the foremost accelerators in the world.

We look forward for you to be a part of our exciting journey in creating a lasting impact on millions of people.

The Product Marketer at Piggy means business. We don't have a sales team. Along with possessing strong leadership skills -- are you the following?

Most important: you have demonstrated success driving growth for a beloved brand.
You believe a Growth team’s core objective is to accelerate value and reduce friction within the product.
You believe in rapid prototyping, releasing tests to production frequently and iterating constantly.
You are excited about joining an analytical culture and leading a data-driven Growth team.
You love to test hypotheses and continually learn from different product experiments.
You have excellent analytic skills and an ability to interpret data to drive actionable insights.
You can contribute work independently as well as partner with others and work well within and across teams.
You are comfortable in a dynamic, fast-paced work environment operating against tight timelines.


  • Responsibilities Include But Not Limited To

  • Lead the Growth Marketing team and impact Piggy’s growth trajectory as a leader within the organization.
  • Lead funnel optimization strategy and prioritize roadmaps of growth product features with Product and Engineering team leads.
  • Build and deliver growth forecasts, partnering with Product Leads and Finance team to refine scenarios based on company revenue & CAC projections.
  • Refine experimentation program and build on existing frameworks with Product, Engineering and Data.
  • Lead all performance marketing; build and expand core channels including but not limited to SEM, SEO, display, and paid social to drive growth across Piggy products.
  • Ability to explore strategic initiatives with other business partners.

Ideal Background

  • BA/BE in Marketing, Business, Engineering or related field.
  • 3-5years experience driving revenue and user growth for a beloved brand - experience with a technology startup a plus
  • Belief in growth as a system, not just one off tactics or “growth hacks”
  • Exceptional leadership capabilities; capability to build, manage and lead growth teams.
  • Ability to present growth vision to executive team and the operating expertise to execute on it
  • Expertise in growth forecasting; building multi-channel & multi-product growth models required
  • Exceptional command of data; ability to pull from structured and unstructured sources and model out
  • Deep understanding of SEO and components of both onsite & offsite optimization
  • Proficiency in several paid digital channels and willingness to learn about new ones
  • Comfortable within a fluid and fast paced environment - job description captures core responsibilities but the role will be much more diverse

About Piggy

Experience an easy way to make Investments in Mutual funds in India. Easiest platform to make mutual fund investments in India. Because you need to make Investments, be it just to park your cash short term to earn better returns, or to invest for your goals or retirement, we've made an easy to use platform for you where you can invest in any fund in India in few clicks and have track your existing investments. Furthermore , you make investments without paying any middlemen commissions and make more returns . After all, It is your money. Don't pay too much to others when you can do it on your own.


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