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Our Story How we grew into what we are today. How did it begin? It all started in 2011 when Ai Ching and Andrea founded Yet Another Studio, a graphic design agency based in Penang, an exotic Malaysian island known for its rich variety of food and incredible heritage sites. They quickly realized “infographics" has become a buzzword, and that anyone who was serious about their content strategy or hungry to make their communication visually attractive would probably look into creating one eventually. From 4 people working day and night in a small Penang-based warehouse, our first do-it-yourself infographic platform was born. Now, we’re 48 months in, serving over 5 million users, and growing every single day. Every time marketers drive more visits to their website, teachers engage and spark interest in their students, children create stunning presentations for their assignments and nonprofits spread awareness of their noble causes, we get extra energy boosts to keep evolving and bringing even greater tools to the world. To you.

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Ruby Backend Developer

Penang or Remote in SEA / Europe

Customer Delight


Product Manager

HQ / Remote


Graphic Designer

Penang / Remote in SEA / South America

Information Designer (Graphic Designer)

Penang / Remote in SEA / South America


Content Marketer

Penang or Remote in SEA / Europe


Sales Manager

Penang or Remote in SEA