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Current Job Openings at Pinterest

Apprentice > Apprentice

Apprentice Engineer

San Francisco, CA

Brand, Marketing and Communications > PR

Brand, Marketing and Communications > Partner Marketing

Growth Marketing Manager

San Francisco, CA

Business > Admin

Business Development > Business/Corporate Development

Partnerships Engineer

San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA

Community Operations > Policy

Spam Policy Strategist

San Francisco, CA

Engineering > Eng

Data Scientist, Discovery

San Francisco, CA

Product Architect, Ads

San Francisco, CA

Finance and Accounting > Finance

People > Recruiting

Product > Core Product

Analytics Manager, Spam

San Francisco, CA

Spam Analyst

San Francisco, CA

UX Writer

San Francisco, CA

Product > Partner Product

Product > Product Marketing

Product > UX Research

Product Design > Product Design

Director, Product Design

San Francisco, CA

Sales and Partnerships > Partner Marketing

Global Creative Strategy Lead

San Francisco, CA; New York, NY

Sales and Partnerships > Partner Operations