UX Writer, Growth

Pinterest, San Francisco, CA

Visual discovery destination

We’re on the lookout for new writers to join the small but mighty (smighty?) Pinterest writing team. Come help us tell our story, build new features and make our existing core experiences sing. While you’re at it, make one big POW! of an impact at a company that’s here to help you discover and do what you love.

What you'll do :

  • Write the words and craft the experiences that make Pinterest go. We’re talking everything from what our buttons say to how we market Pinterest as a whole. In-product education, blog announcements and emails to Pinners and businesses, too!
  • Join forces with the industry’s topmost designers, producers, researchers, engineers, product managers and product marketers as together we build the product and teach the world how to use it
  • Tune in to research (industry, quantitative, qualitative), tinker with different solutions and iterate like crazy until you truly understand what works in all the different nooks and corners of the product
  • Weigh in at our weekly crit workshop! Debate the fate of the words! Join our punupmanship pile-ons!

What we're looking for:

  • 5+ years steeped in the wordly arts (UI/UX writing and content strategy)
  • Puzzle-loving brains with a flair for negotiating tight constraints
  • Ability to revel in the microcopy weeds AND consider the big picture and long view
  • Fluency in the Pinterest voice and familiarity with our audiences (local, international and business)
  • Visual thinkers who can mindmeld with designers and visually communicate their recommendations. Practiced persuaders who can back up their recommendations with sound reasoning and represent their thinking with conviction
  • Experience rubbing (and maybe even throwing) elbows with engineers, product managers, designers and other deeply smart, opinionated people


About Pinterest

Pinterest is full of possibilities to design your life. Discover recipes, style inspiration, projects for your home and other ideas to try. 

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