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Place is a full service sales and consulting agency. We specialize in sales, business strategy, marketing, brand development, merchandising and customer service. Here, you’ll find the tools, team and vision to grow your business around the world. With offices in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Dallas, Place is the brainchild of innovator and entrepreneur Leah Justman. Envisioning an agency where emerging brands would be professionally nurtured and retailers would be professionally cared for; Place opened its doors in the heart of Los Angeles’ fashion district in 2005. Home to brands including Faithfull, Finders Keepers, Keepsake, J.O.A. and more; our vision has always been to make your business a success. Whether you’re looking to introduce your inventive new line to buyers, or you’re looking to be the first on the block to carry the trends of tomorrow; you’ll find your place, in ours. So, take a look around for now and we’ll look forward to meeting you at our Place very soon.

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