Platform Engineer (Remote in Europe)

Prezi, Berlin

Presentation software that brings your ideas to life and makes you a great presenter

We're looking for a Platform Engineer who is interested in creating platform tools to continuously improve the efficiency and delight of all Prezi engineers as they build value for our customers. In this role, you’ll have the opportunity to impact the lives of over 100 engineers developing Prezi by automating, simplifying and streamlining new ways of building production ready software. As a core member of the Developer Experience (DX) team you will be at the forefront of defining best practices of how to build a microservice oriented architecture that is scalable, reliable and secure.

You will be a good fit, if you have experience and like running everything in the cloud with AWS and Kubernetes and get excited to learn how to create tools for a heterogeneous platform. If so, you will definitely like building and working on the next generation of our Prezi Development Environment (PDE). PDE is our internally developed tool that makes it easy for our Engineers to build locally, test on the cloud and build out the docker containers needed to be deployed. Currently PDE supports the development of microservices running in Python/Django, Scala, Go and soon NodeJS.

Supporting a multi-stack environment is an important need for any modern organization. In order to support a multi-stack environment we use a mix of common open source tools (especially those from CNCF) and internally built tools using Gradle, Kotlin, Python, Terraform and even some Groovy (for Jenkins). As one of the examples of open source tools we love, the DX team recently introduced Backstage (originally built by Spotify) to simplify and unify our Developer catalog. As Backstage isn’t complete for our needs, the DX team continues to improve it by extending it to include additional information and additional tools that integrate with our multi-stack approach.

That said, you might not be a perfect fit if you don’t like working with Python or working in a multi-stack heterogeneous environment. We have a lot of services running in Python/Django and we know managing a heterogeneous environment can be challenging. We don’t shy away from this problem as we pave the way in taking to this challenge by standardizing development, introducing simpler ways of working through tooling and process and unifying teams on how to best build our services.

If all of this sounds interesting and you are up for new and exciting challenges feel free to drop us a line.

Or if we got a bit ahead of ourselves, here is a bit more about Prezi...

Prezi is a virtual first company with hubs in Berlin, Budapest, Riga, and San Francisco. As a virtual first company we acknowledge that everybody should feel free to work from anywhere which includes even working in our Hubs. Our hubs play an important part as they are a good way to meet up with your colleagues and join social events. Now, for this particular position, we are looking for someone in the EU and UK time zones. This is to make it easier for you to join your team’s rituals.

The best part of Prezi is you’ll be part of an awesome team that highly appreciates visual communication, believes that together we are greater than the sum of our parts, and cares deeply about those around us.

At Prezi, we celebrate the diversity of our customers and our employees. We employ people from all backgrounds to build a product for everyone. We’re looking for people who can bring in their different perspectives and help us on our mission to reinvent how people share knowledge, tell stories, and inspire each other to act.

About Prezi

Prezi is the cloud-based presentation platform that helps you connect more powerfully with your audience. Unlike traditional slides, Prezi’s open canvas allows you to navigate through topics freely, encouraging interaction and collaboration between you and your viewers. The result is conversational presentations that are more natural, more engaging, and more memorable.

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