Technology Development Line Manager

Prodigy Finance, Cape Town

Funding shouldn't be a barrier to education, so they're revolutionizing international student loans.

Technology Development Line Manager

Prodigy Finance - who we are

Prodigy Finance is a platform that enables financing for international postgraduate students at the world’s best universities, whilst delivering competitive financial and social returns to alumni, institutional and private investors.

This borderless and innovative model enables education loan financing to students from across the globe, whilst using predicted post-degree affordability rather than present-day salary. Since 2007, Prodigy Finance has extended over US$500 million through the platform to fund over 12,000 students from over 150 countries.

Our team of over 160 (and growing) is already truly global. Our head office is in London with much of the team being based in beautiful Cape Town. We also have an office in New York plus team members based across Europe and Asia.

We are funded by some of the best, pre-eminent institutions in the world including Index Ventures, Balderton Capital, RMIH, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank.

Why this is an amazing opportunity

This role is perfect for an experienced Technology Development Line Manager who wants to supercharge their career by experiencing first-hand what it is like to be part of an energetic, extremely fast growing company.

The sense of impact and reward will be huge. You will help to build a product which makes a very real difference in the world. Be a part of delivering socially responsible financial services to the masses; make it possible for students from more than 150 countries to obtain the finance to fulfil their dream of studying at the world’s top universities and schools.

We are a small non-hierarchical team; this means that you are going to get exposure to all aspects of our business immediately. You’ll gain as much accountability as you can handle and have a huge influence on scaling the company.

Our team is very international and very sociable; you will interact with the broader business on a regular basis. The position will be based in Cape Town.

One of our goals is to build one of the top FinTech teams and cultures anywhere in the world. This means putting a lot of time into ensuring we only hire people with exceptional potential and creating the best working environment possible. If you want to work somewhere where you're learning from some of the best brains in FinTech, this would be a good fit.

Why join Prodigy Finance

  • Be a part of a pioneering global growth company
  • Experience the excitement and learn from being part of an incredibly fast-growing young company. No kidding – exponential growth. Happening right now
  • Be pivotal in scaling the business by identifying smart solutions and partners with tech at the heart of it
  • Enjoy the agility and flexibility offered by a startup culture. A sociable, relaxed and friendly work environment (with a serious coffee culture where you can wear shorts to work)
  • We will help you make your mark. Make a real impact on the business and experience a steep learning curve with huge opportunities to grow and develop
  • Gain an inside perspective on the functioning of a venture-backed FinTech startup, backed by top VCs, learn day-to-day management and build functional expertise
  • Build a platform that helps to make a very real difference in the world

What you will do in the role

As a Development Line Manager you will be balancing your role as a Software Engineer in an Agile development team with coaching, mentoring and line managing direct reports within a culture of servant leadership. 

The Prodigy Finance Technology Team manages its people development process using a matrix management structure.  This means that the team you work in as a software engineer on a daily basis and the software engineers that report to you are likely to be different. This brings different challenges to the role of developing and supporting your line management team’s growth. 

Specific responsibilities are to: 

  • Lead, coach and mentor direct reports and other software engineers that you’ll be working alongside
  • Take a leading role in improving the way we work, manage, learn and grow by driving change for the Technology Team as a whole, looking for opportunities to improve. This includes improving our career map, learning environment, processes for cross team collaboration etc.
  • Facilitate information sharing among the software engineers directly reporting in to you
  • Line manage your direct reports by meeting on a regular basis to support personal development and conduct performance reviews on a quarterly basis
  • Offer guidance within your team by solving problems and seeking solutions together with them
  • Understand our architecture and why the choices were made. Gain a detailed understanding of the systems your team works on, what other systems they rely on (and why) and what other systems rely on them (and why).  Safely lead changes that impact other systems
  • Learn the business domain that your team is engaged in, as well as surrounding areas that impact on it. Help design and debate solutions
  • Embrace continuous delivery - breaking code up into small deployable units safely and confidently
  • Be able to review others’ code and suggest improvements inline with our coding values, and have constructive conversation around code
  • Focus on code that is right; well designed, well factored, and maintainable
  • Be thoughtful about process; propose changes for the team to execute more effectively
  • Help identify team weakness and suggest solutions to how we can be more efficient in our process
  • Establish a rapport with the team so they want to ask you questions and collaborate with you
  • Actively help your team members to succeed
  • Interface with a diverse stakeholder base - business leaders, product development counterparts and partner technology organisations to help deliver a fantastic product experience for our internal and external customers 

What you will be measured on

  • Ability to lead, mentor and coach your direct reports and the software engineers that you work with
  • Ability to lead improvements, all the way to how we work as a whole Technology team
  • Your positive impact on your team, direct reports, colleagues, and the Technology team as a whole
  • Your effective continuous delivery of software 
  • Ability to write well designed and concise code and review others’ code
  • Ability to interact with stakeholders and understand their needs
  • Providing constructive and fair feedback to colleagues so that we can all learn and grow

What you need to be great at

  • A forward-thinking approach to dealing with current and emerging bottlenecks
  • Researching ways to educate the engineering team in new methods and techniques
  • Recognising and developing talent, and you have the ability to optimise the engineering team for effectiveness and productivity
  • Valueing skills development. You’re a great mentor and teacher that exhibits patience and thoughtfulness in understanding the needs of others and helping them to achieve their goals
  • Fostering a culture of continuous engineering improvement through mentoring, feedback, and metrics
  • Listening to other peoples ideas openly and appreciate that your idea may not always be correct. Ensure that outcomes are best for the team
  • Understanding team dynamics and respecting the other disciplines needed for delivering great software
  • Working with a team to utilise all their skill sets on many projects, and have learned that you cannot do it all by yourself (UX, product, testing etc.)
  • Empathising with your users and stakeholders by viewing the problem from their point of view

Who we are looking for; track record must haves

  • A track record of leading a high-performance team as a line manager
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to mentor and coach fellow team members
  • 7+ years of full stack web development using object-oriented programming languages and MVC frameworks, preferably Ruby or Python
  • Desire and willingness to work in an agile, collaborative, innovative, flexible and team-oriented environment
  • Experience working within an Agile environment using test-driven development (TDD)
  • Strong foundation on modern DevOps culture and experience with Continuous Delivery practises
  • Microservice application development experience
  • Experience working with a relational database, for example PostgreSQL
  • Extensive development experience with one or more scripting languages
  • Experience with building and operating scalable services and platforms

Experience that would be nice to have (but we’ll trade off if everything else fits)

  • Solid DevOps skills including monitoring, testing, automation and integration
  • Experience in orchestration tools (Ansible, Chef, Docker, Terraform, Jenkins)
  • Experience with distributed systems and services architectures, associated paradigms, and technology stacks including RabbitMQ
  • Full stack infrastructure knowledge from front-end to back-end
  • Professional fluency in open source tools, including git, Jenkins, and others
  • Experience with cloud platforms such as AWS
  • Startup experience. Sometimes the earth moves beneath your feet at Prodigy Finance so you have to be comfortable with ambiguity, able to wear lots of hats, and adapt easily as we continue to grow

The Prodigy Finance fit; attributes which run true in everyone at Team Prodigy

To be an A player at Prodigy Finance, you need to possess – in spades - the following attributes. 

Innovative + Smart

Be curious enough to want to know more, think out the box, maybe even break the box, show initiative and be smart about it to find implementable, impactful solutions.

International + Accountable

Push yourself to be better every day. Work with others across the world, be resilient, add value and then hold yourself accountable. Encourage and celebrate each other.

Energetic + Fun

Sense of humour = survival. Bring energy and fun. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Work hard and find the time to play. We’re in this together.

Do you want to be our next Technology Development Line Manager?  Here’s what to do now: 

If this sounds exciting and you'd like to have an informal chat, get in touch below and tell us why you want to work at Prodigy Finance.

About Prodigy Finance

The Prodigy Finance Story

Prodigy Finance was started by three INSEAD MBA graduates who experienced the difficulties of financing an international degree first-hand. In 2007, we decided to solve this problem.

Our innovative platform offers loans to international postgraduate students attending top universities. Through our community platform, alumni, impact investors, and other private qualified entities invest in tomorrow's leaders whilst earning a financial and social return.

To date, more than $318 million in Prodigy Finance loans have been disbursed to over 6,800 students around the world. Over 80% of our borrowers tell us they had no other way of financing their studies, so we like to think that we're helping educate the world.

We believe funding shouldn't be a barrier to education.

Want to learn more about Prodigy Finance? Visit Prodigy Finance's website.