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Our mission is to help businesses sell more with a CRM teams actually love to use. It started with a great idea… After years of experience at top companies (Yahoo and eBay), then building and selling two successful businesses (to companies like Zynga), Jon and Kelly set out to do it for a third time. Why? Serial entrepreneurship is a real thing, but they also realized they could tackle a huge problem: complicated, unusable CRMs. In turn, ProsperWorks was built to offer businesses of any size a CRM teams actually want to use. …and came to life with a great team. The key to success is building and investing in a great team. ProsperWorks has over 100 highly-motivated, smart, and kind people who want to work hard and achieve great things. At the same time, we know how to relax, have fun and celebrate our wins. We meditate, go on runs, play Settlers of Catan, and eat meals together. We’re a diverse group of folks, but there is one thing everyone has in common: a love for Mexican food. We’re making CRM easy to use. ProsperWorks was built with three basic principles in mind: Keep it simple. Show what matters. Make it actionable. We’ve done that by seamlessly integrating with G Suite, eliminating painful data entry, and automating time-consuming tasks. We help sales managers and reps improve how they manage their team and workflows so they can make better business decisions and accelerate sales.

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